24 July 2011


Hey there folks. I'm Grimsnik and I just started writing for Trollblood Scrum.
Just a quick intro-
Age: 35
Location: Logan, Utah

I've been gaming for about 20 years. I started out roleplaying with friends. When I started college, I was introduced with miniature table top games with Warhammer 40k. Since then, I've played several miniature games. Around 2005, I picked up a Cryx starter while in Denver at a con. Since then I've picked up a good amount of Cryx, Circle and Mercs with a bit of Menoth, Cygnar,
Trolls and Minions. In 2010, I was accepted into the press gang for Privateer Press.

As a press ganger, I get to set up tournaments and leagues for our local store and a few weeks back I ran a tournament based on the Thunderdome scenar
io created by the guys up North.

In Thunderdome, your list comprises of three warlocks/warcasters available to a faction or with Merc and Minions any three as there are no contracts in Thunderdome. The game is played with up to four players
per 3' X 3' table. A lock/caster choice can bring one model to the table, i.e. no half jacks, no Keg Carrier, no feat for Goreshade. No healing (in our tourney, I allowed tough). Warlocks are considered to have focus manipulation instead of fury.

For our tournament, it was scheduled to last 3 hours with players attempting to get a many kills by dice down. Once enough players were ready for a new table they

We had 8 players- Table 1 was comprised with 2 trollbloods, 1 Cryx, and 1 Legion players.

The guns of Grim and Gunnbjorn were in action that night.

Table 2 comprised of Cygnar, Mercs, Skorne, and Retribution. Jefferson Jorgenson (eMakeda, Xerxis and Carver) and Brian Decaria (eCaine, Kara, and pStryker) both ended with 7 kills for the night to tie for 1st place. The Greatblah with his list of Grim, Gunnbjorn and Borka was able to acquire 4 kills to tie for second with Shane "Skywise" Fraughton's list of Gorten, Shae and Ashlyn.

There were many fun times that night and I am looking forward to seeing the armies that show up for our next tournament- the Wrath Release.


  1. Quick comment on the Ashlynn vs. Xerxis pic. Xerxis was camping all of his focus and was benefiting from Carvers Batten down the Hatches. I can't remember what the armor got to, but Ashlynn laid such a hurt down that she took him down to 1 box. It was ALMOST epic!

  2. He wishes he was dead though, look where that flashing blade is going!