20 July 2011

Faction ADD with Druidsandstuff

Hello all you Scrummers. I am here to talk about a real problem that affects quite a few people in the WarmaHordes community... Faction ADD. Before I get to that though I should introduce myself.

Name: Druidsandstuff (same as on our favorite forums)
Age: 21
Location: Utah
Factions: Circle, Trollbloods, Legion, Protectorate

I have been playing Hordes since October of 2008. I started with Circle and those conniving druids held my full attention for 2 full years. Then I got the itch for something different. I wholeheartedly dove into Trollbloods last November and they scratched that itch for about four months before I was blighted and joined the Legion of Everblight. Soon after my blighting I heard the call of Menoth and decided that I needed a Warmachine faction.

For those of you keeping a tally that means I play the factions of the three major gods in the IK; The Devourer, Dhunia, and Menoth. In my fourth faction they are trying to kill gods while Thagrosh is quickly ascending to godhood. This probably says something about me but I'm not sure what.

The reason I started to play Hordes was because I had always wanted to play a miniature game. At the time the only game I knew of was Warhammer, but was hesitant to get into it because the community was absolutely terrible. Then the LGS owner Paul told me about Hordes and Warmachine, showed me some of the models, and lent me Primal so I could read up on the rules. I was hooked from the first. It was a clear system with understandable rules, and more importantly an amazing story. I am a huge fan of the background and details in books, the story arc in the Hordes books is right up my alley.

Now that the introduction is out of the way we will get on the to real meat of this article.

I would like to ask a question. How many factions does the average WarmaHordes player have? I don't know the answer to this question, but am curios to know what it would be. I ask that anybody that reads this article post in the comments how many factions you have, what they are, and a brief summary of why you play them.

As you saw in my little bio I play four factions, and have posted in the forums multiple times about why I play the factions I play. I will briefly cover each faction again to answer the question I posed earlier.

I started with Circle because they are elusive druids running around performing rituals and hating on civilization. Who wouldn't like that? And I hadn't seen anybody play them at out LGS.

Next was Trolls. Comparing faction to faction Trolls have the best Models in the game. Sure other factions have awesome models, but they also have terrible models. Trolls don't have any terrible models, they are all awesome!

I bought Legion solely for the scene when Thagrosh blights Lylith. Plus dragonspawn are as cool as it gets

Then I decided I needed a Warmachine army. I wanted big stompy robots. I have always liked ancient history and its not a big stretch to compare Roman crusades to the Protectorate of Menoth.

As you can tell I have faction ADD, and it's worse than you think. I plan on buying Skorne in the near future and also some Cygnar and possibly some Retribution. The biggest reasons I play multiple factions are because of faction fluff and faction aesthetics. Those are the first two things I look at in a faction. Before rules and play styles which quite a few people look at first.

Why do you play the faction(s) that you play? I'll keep as close of an eye on this as I can, and I cant wait for your responses! I will let you all know any information I get on faction ADD and will also crunch some numbers (based off the responses I get here) to give us a rough approximation of how many factions the average player has.

Thanks for reading


  1. I have Cryx, Cygnar, PoM, Mercs, Circle, Trolls (just battlebox + pyre), Minions. I don't have much for Minions or PoM yet but enough to play 35 pts each.

  2. Anonymous20 July, 2011

    I play a faction who doesn't follow any god. We just look to get paid! :P Anyways, I guess I have 3 factions - Mercs, Legion, and Cygnar (Mercs are like the gateway drug into Cygnar).

  3. Anonymous21 July, 2011

    Taylor, I think you have a god-complex.....just sayin' :) I have also been jumping from one faction to the next, but I have brought myself down to only two. Khador and Trolls!

  4. I have three at present and am thinking about a fourth if I can find the money.

    Five years before the mast with Cryx, I've dabbled with Trollbloods and Skorne before settling on Circle as a Hordes faction, and now I apparently have a Khador army that I hadn't quite planned on. I may have an angle on replacing my Mercenaries for cheap as well.

  5. I started with Cryx, I was interested in starting Warmachine with Khador, but someone on a forum was selling some Cryx miniatures and I took the plunge. After that came Magnus and the Mercs. MKI was a harsh time for Magnus.

    I don't remember if Katrina Vlad or Hordes came first, but that alternate Vlad was the beginning of a Khador force.

    I was a Druid supporter in the PP forums, back when the discussion was 'druids or skorne' as a new Warmachine faction, so it was only natural that I picked Circle as my Hordes choice.

    Privateers showed up and it was an army choice I had a chance to complete!

    I decided I had too many armies so I sold the Khador stuff (minus Vlad).

    Then Gunnbjorn appeared and my will started to weaken. I resisted until the new caster for Domination showed up and now I'm starting a small Trollblood force... and I've posted my Privateers for sale to fund the Trollbloods and a small Cygnar/Caine army with models I can double duty on my planned Bad Seeds theme list and a Highborn Covenant list with Drake Macbain

  6. Anonymous21 July, 2011

    Apparently I focused on the god following to much, I just thought it was interesting. 0_o

    The tally now stands and 3.5 factions per player. This seems like it could be a good estimate as to what the worlds average would be, only time will tell.

    @SlappyHappySid - Don't be hatin'... after all I practically am a god.

    @Von - Who will be your fourth?