12 October 2011

Random Caster Tournament

Being a Press Ganger has many benefits and drawbacks.  One of the drawback is that more often than not a Press Ganger doesn't get to play in very many tournaments and when they do get a chance to play rarely does it count towards prizes.  One of the benefits is that us Press Gangers get to make unique events and tournaments just for fun.  One of those tournaments that we have upcoming at Phoenix Games & Comics is our...

Random Caster Tournament

What if Haley decided that Cygnar wasn't rigid enough for he and she left them to join the Protectorate of Menoth?  How about if Rathrock corrupted Madrak to the point where Cryx looked more appealing than his home with the Trollbloods?  Or if the Old Witch decided long ago to stay with the Circle of Orbors and their dubious ways?...

<><><>Our rules:
Army Size:30 points of your chosen faction.  Your caster will be added randomly.
Lists:You may make up to two separate lists, however you only need one.
Restrictions:Anything available to your faction normally will apply.
Scenario:Kill Box
Warlock/Warcaster Info:Whichever Warcaster/Warlock is chosen to lead your faction becomes a Friendly faction model to you.
The Warcaster or Warlock's Focus/Fury stat changes appropriate to suit your faction.  For example, if you play Khador and you draw Kaya, her fury stat turns into a Focus stat while you are playing her as do her spells.
Model's included with your chosen Warlock or Warcaster stay with them.  For Example if you are playing Trollbloods and you draw The Old Witch, her scrapjack would be included with her and be treated as a Warbeast, however its systems/sprial would be treated as it would normally be.
Warlock or Warcaster Feats will apply appropriately.  In the case of feats like Goreshade's where he brings models into the game, those models come in as friendly faction models for the player controlling him.
ALL Warcaster/Warlock questions MUST be resolved with the TO before the game starts.
Warcaster/Warlock model proxies will be allowed IF needed.

We even have a handy dandy spreadsheet to choose random warcaster/warlock's for you in excel called The Random Caster Generator.  (I use it to decide which Trollblood caster I'll be playing on a weekly basis as your caster list can included any number of names to choose from.)

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