28 February 2012

Baka's Open Challenge #2

Greetings all!

Just over a week ago I had the idea to host an open challenge weekend over Vassal where anybody who wished to could come and challenge me to a game or watch me play and after the game I would offer commentary, advice and feedback about any part of their game that they wanted me to.  The idea went another step further when I spent the whole of the Saturday catering to a request to make Scattergunners into an effective part of a competitive Trollblood list.  Even though the whole thing was organised in a pretty short space of time it was an amazing experience and quite possibly the most rewarding thing about the whole weekend was being able to talk members of the community who until then had merely been names on a forum (or forum lurkers for those who don't post regularly).

I managed to play 11 gruelling games last week on Vassal and this weekend starting on Friday 2nd March I am coming back for more.  I want to open myself up to another 3 day marathon of Vassal matches where I will take on all comers!  Picking a start time is easy, but an ending time largely depends on the games in question and how long I can hold out.  As a result this is what I am looking at for a schedule:

Friday 2nd March
Kicking off at 8pm GMT and hopefully lasting until at least 3am GMT
For this first day every list I use will be to cater to a Trollblood related request, be it using a particular warlock or a model/unit (even Skinners!) and will all be designed as take all comers lists, no armies written to fight against particular factions.

Saturday 3rd March
Kicking off at 6pm GMT and hopefully lasting until at least 3am GMT
This will be the first of two days I will be spending gaming the hell out of my Retribution as I look to not only continue to face new people and experience new lists but also to playtest my Retribution tournament lists in preparation for the upcoming tournament season.  However as I wish to focus on working against bad matchups, this day each opponent will choose which of my four candidate warcasters to face (Vyros, Garryth, Ossyan or Ravyn).

Sunday 3rd March
Kicking off at 6pm GMT and lasting until I collapse at the keyboard
This will be the second of the two days spent playtesting and fine tuning my Retribution lists!  I will hopefully have cut down my warcaster choice by this stage to my final three (out of three required) and will hope to play each list at least once maybe even some of them twice.

The last Open Challenge Weekend was an incredible experience, and I hope that this one will be just as insightful and more importantly just as much fun!  I hope to see you all on Friday and let the games begin! 

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