19 February 2012

A Trollbloods guide to magnetizing bases for storage/transport

Trollbloods and medium bases, our blessing and our bane!
Storing and transporting our great brutes is a common problem that we face.

Goal: To maximize storage capacity and safety of transport of models.

Purchase good Neodymium magnets. I use K&J magnetics for their N52 (more expensive) strength rare earth magnets. N42 may also be used, but are not as strong.

Sizes usually used are 1/8 x 1/16", 3/16 x 1/16", 1/4 x 1.8" for 30, 40, 50mm bases respectively.

Best purchased in quantity for significant discounts. It's the most expensive part of this type of storage.

Additional materials:
1. standard craft store hot glue gun + glue sticks
2. ferromagnetic cookie sheet (not aluminum!)
3. teflon sheet (can purchase thin sheets at a cooking store)

Glue should be hot and flowing.
Place dab on teflon with magnet on side at the ready

Tip the magnet onto the glue dab. The magnetic attraction to the cookie sheet will pull the magnet down creating a thin bottom seal-in of your magnet.

Place hot glue at the rim of the base where you want the magnet to seat.

For magnet placement I usually choose the back of my model, so that opponents' metallic measuring tapes don't magnetically 'grab' the model.

I also take into account the more bendable bits of my model, so that I'm not placing the magnet in a position where lifting the model bends delicates...

With the glue on the teflon and in the base rim still hot, place the model down over the magnet/glue.

Allow the glue to cool for 10 minutes or so.
Lift the model with a tilting/rocking motion, lifting the model at the side opposite to the magnet. The magnet/glue should release more easily using this technique to fulcrum with the base rim to uncouple the magnetic force.

Note the magnet is sealed into the glue!
Placing magnets in the middle of a base is not recommended, as it forces you to pull the model more directly vertical. Rocking prevents model breakage.

Place a hot glue bead on the base rim and in the base slot to fill, then replace the model down on the teflon/cookie sheet. Allow to cool for another 10 minutes.

The set glue makes great weight ballast, especially for plastic models, and provides traction on the battlefield so that models aren't prone to sliding.

The glue flash around the base is soft enough to remove with a fingernail.

My first transport device was a metal toolbox, but my Trollbloods quickly overflowed.

Now I use ferrometalic roofing repair shingles purchased from a local home improvement store, (~$1 sheet?) and bend, hot glue gun the shingles into various transport and storage containers.

Shingles come in various colors. I go for the most magnet loving...

Example 1: A Battlefoam bag with custom tray for even greater storage capacity.

I like the custom Trollbloods trays, but I needed even more models per square inch. I took a spare tray, removed foam, custom fitted two shingles. Viola, denser storage.
Not a great way to transport on a plane, but for to-from the venue, it's great.

Note: This tray is only used at the top of my bag to prevent heavy Dires from slumping into the center of this tray.

Example 2: Two Really Useful Boxes are a great stackable way to bring three 50 point armies to the venue.

Trimming/gluing 3-4 shingles into the bottom.

I prefer the 7 and 11 Litre versions, and have one 17 Litre box for my Battle Engines and extra tall models like mod-ed Angeliuses.

Example 3: A second hand Army Transport, becomes a (heavy weight) Protectorate invading force!

Taking crappy ol' stripped-out foam trays, refitting with shingles and random plastic sheet section to reinforce across the middle of the tray is win!

Models that fit:
All Warcasters, three units of Knights Exemplar, full units of Exemplar Errants, Bastions, Cinerators, Daughters, Choir, Zealots, three Wracks, Roven & Co., Avatar, Reckoner, Castigator, convertible Blood of Martyrs and Scourge, Blessing of Vengeance, Repenter, Redeemer, Devout, and the Vessel of Judgment [sticks up a little at the top :)]

Disclaimer: Do not use the magnet/shingle method of storage/transport if you are prone to tossing your transport bag into your car trunk!!

Hopefully this guide has provided inspiration for bustin' out those old bags and refurbishing them for transporting even more Trollbloods (or some lesser faction) to battle!


  1. Where'd you get your teflon sheets?
    The cooking stores around here are trying to sell me a silicone mat instead, saying they aren't allowed to sell teflon anymore due to its toxic properties.

  2. I wonder if wax paper will work instead?