22 July 2012

Playing to our Strengths: Trolls at Low Points Part 2

In this installment I want to talk about the viability of our infantry at low point level games of 35 and under.  We have some top drawer options for troops that don't need much support to fill their function.  So I'm going to go unit by unit and give a simple overview of their viability without warlock synergy in mind.

Burrowers - You know them, you love them, but you need to devote significant warlock support to make them really work.  I rarely bring them in games under 35 and even then I find a hard time bringing them over our medium based infantry. They can work but I don't like using them in smaller formats.  Can work, but you devote resources to making them work.

Bushwhackers - They are not a terrible option, but not ideal.  They are self sufficient, but not points efficient. For 5 or 8pts I would prefer Fennblades EVERY TIME.  Not viable in lower point games.

Champions - Point sink.  These guys are so costly it's really prohibitive.  They also need a lot of support to keep them from just getting charged and dying.  Take them in larger games, not smaller.

Fennblades with Officer and Drummer - There guys are similar to Kriel warriors.  Very self sufficient, fast relatively accurate and have an amazing mini feat.  Min or max they pack punch and can be a super sweet tar pit.  Use them as a screen or alpha strike unit.  Very viable in smaller point games.

Krielstone Bearer and Stonescribes and Stone Scribe Elder - This is our quintessential buff unit.  They bring so much to the table when you have the Elder it's hard not to bring them no matter what point cost.  They aren't melee powerhouses, but can get the job done in a pinch.  Honestly 4 points for the min unit and Elder is amazingly points efficient and provides a wide array of buffs.  Very viable for low point costs.

Kriel Warriors and Attachments - Tried, true, reliable.  These guys can range from 4 points to 11 and they are worth every bit.  Even if they are the only infantry unit you are taking they can pack a punch and be very hard to remove. They require very little support to do their job and can be a pain for your opponent. Use these guys at nearly any point level and you won't be disappointed.

Long Riders - Similar to champs they cost a LOT.  If you are adding Horthol they clock in at a minimum of 12pts. I think they are more effective and self sufficient, but unless they are the core of you list, I say leave them at home in anything but 50 or higher.

Runeshapers - These guys are unique.  They are pretty good alone and in lower points but when you get them into a tier list they start to be great.  I'm not sold on them over other options in smaller games but I think there is potential.  Going to call it viable for now, unless play with them sees otherwise.

Scattergunners with Officer and Standard - This is an interesting unit.  They don't NEED help, but they do better with it, either as a flanking or second line unit.  Clear makes them crazy effective as a second line when they can aim and get the best possible angles by targeting our own stuff.I think they can work at low points, but aren't ideal. So, sort of viable.

Scouts - Amazingly self sufficient.  Throw these guys on a flank and watch them work.  They don't need any help to do their job and are points efficient.  Not much else to say, use them.

Sons of Bragg - Awesomesauce... They require no help to accomplish what they need to do and only shine more when they get it.  They are not a front line unit so you need to save them for the right moment.  So, they are viable if you already have a screening unit of infantry to keep them behind util juicy targets present themselves but don't expect them to tank the enemy army for you. Situationaly viable.

Sluggers - If these guys weren't awful in melee I wouldn't feel bad not even owning them.  They are pricey and finicky to get working on the table.  They aren't as terrible as our other options, but certainly not something I would bring.  They need to much help to do what they want.  Not viable.

Thumper Crew - I'm not convinced it's terrible, but it's not good either. Artilery is in a weird place right now and I honestly can't say I have had this thing do anything for me.  I highly doubt it's really viable for it's points at lower levels.

That's it for this week.  I do have another couple of articles coming talking about our beasts, solos and the War Wagon. I hope these are helpful. As always feel free to leave comments, talk on the forums or drop me a line directly. Also if you haven't heard I am trying to go to Duelcon, but I can't do it without your help. You can read all about how you can help and what you can get out of it here.

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