12 July 2012

Round 1 pt. 2 Gunnbjorn v pGrissel

This will be a VERY short synopsis of the second round match in Dire Brackets with Gunnbjorn and pGrissel.  This was going to be a grind from the start and I knew it, but it was going to be fun none the least.

I won the opening roll and chose to go first.  Grissel opted to deploy on the top side of the map. The map was mostly clear with a large obstacle in the center a forest on the right flank and a building on the left.

Turn 1
I ran pretty much advanced cautiously after I dropped my upkeeps out and put fury on the stone, SoB's took up a spot by the building on the right flank while I advanced toward my own objective with little worry over being stuck first turn.

Everything runs.  Hoof It on her kriels first turn meant they were hauling ass up the board and I needed to get into position next turn or really be caught out.

Turn 2
I move into position putting both my walls around Gunny, the EB and Rök as well as the objective.  I crit dev a fell caller into some SG's killing the officer and a few other models making them mostly useless.  SoB's play the surprisingly good tar pit as I position to block the charge in on my left flank and setup a good spray retaliation.  I also pop feat to make sure whatever charges me next turn doesn't knock anything down and any shooting coming it is hampered.

She buffs up her stuff and hits the EB with Calamity moving to the right of the obstacle in the center.  The Kriels get a few charges off on my EB and the objective, killing nothing and logging up the right flank.  Kriels also hit my left flank bogging down my SoB's killing Wrathar.

Turn 3:
I think I see an assassination attempt on Grissel and I started to do my thing by shifting Kriels away from my EB with Janissa.  Things aren't turning out well so I just kill off some Kriels and decide I have a better chance at taking out both his beasts with Rök.  I clear a path and charge the Axer under Primal and then proceed to kill him and a Winter troll as well.  My left flank is slightly exposed but I feel confident gunny isn't going to die with 2 transfers and the stone running.

Janissa goes down and the Kriels fail to Kill off my EB.  A caber fails to hit Gunny on a charge but ties him up.  A Fell Caller charges Rök doing a little damage.  Grissel moves over trying to address the dire on her right flank.

Turn 4
Rök frenzies and annihilates the Fell Caller engaging him because he has no choices and I upkeep the wall in front of the objective as I have all game. My Earthborn chomps a Fell Caller and some Kriel warriors on the right while I clear nearly everything out of my left flank.  I see an opportunity to shoot Grissel and I do, but I crit Dev and throw here away from the incoming shot from my pyre troll.  Rats, delaying the inevitable.  My stone scribes start charging as my lines are looking thin on the right flank and I start to look toward moving my EB up and going for the Kill.

Grissel Sac's attack to stand and tries to cast Calamity at Rök missing and moves away behind the obstacle. Rök gets charged again doing no damage and gets engaged again.  The Kriels still fail to kill my EB on the right flank and things keep getting dicey over there.

Turn 5
Gunnbjorn:  Rök walks out of melee and sprays grissel to death, second win for Gunny!

Final Thoughts:
My opponent played a good game with only a few mistakes.  He had a good opportunity to Kill the objective and force me to start moving into the zone to not lose control points but chose to kill my Earthborn again, which he had a decent chance of doing but it didn't pan out.  Losing his beasts to me in turn 3 was what sealed the deal as it was going to be very hard for me to not get a line to Grissel with Gunnybjorn.

I made a few small tactical mistakes during the match which I had to play through.  When I saw an opening for a kill on Grissel I exposed Gunny from my left flank and really could have been in a bad spot had my opponent rolled well.

Overall the fortress really screws trolls over when there are no reach units involved.  He had cabers but it's going to be hard to position well when there's terrain everywhere.  It gives me more confidence that my laters lists with the Mountain King will go well.

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