02 July 2012

Round 1 Gunnbjorn vs eMadrak

When I entered the Dire Brackets competition I was really hoping to test out a few thing I had concepted with Bakaryu when we first got my hands on The Mountain King at Lock and Load.  Just by chance I ended up with with Gunny so I threw myself into list building for him and the Mountain King is going to be one of the key pieces.  Sadly my first round didn't involve using him.

Here are the lists presented. for this round.

Points: 35/35
35 points:
Captain Gunnbjorn (*5pts)
eMadrak +5 WB
* Pyre Troll (5pts)
Pyre -5
* Earthborn Dire Troll (10pts)
Axer -6
* Ršk (11pts)
Runebearer -2
Krielstone Bearer and 5 Stone Scribes (4pts)
* Krielstone Stone Scribe Elder (1pts)
Fell Caller x2 -6
Sons of Bragg (6pts)
Min Burrowers -4
Janissa Stonetide (3pts)
Max Fenns -8
-UA -2

Min Scattergun

My thoughts in list building were simple.  I have 2 walls for denial and 2 heavy hitters that can take a hit and then dish it out.  Also with Rök in the list I can really clear infantry that swarm me.  Throw in the Sons of Bragg and I have a lot of infantry clear and not a lot of risk to Gunny.  Also with the stone and proper animi I was sitting with arm 22 beasts and arm 20 Gunny so I felt confident about the list I built.

So we chose the worst damn map on the planet and setup went to Madrak first.  Fens on my right flank, SG's on my left  with Burrowers out front.  Beasts heading up the middle with Madrak.

Turn 1
Madrak runs nearly everything, puts blood fury on his Fennblades and gets a little bogged down by the terrain. Burrowers chose to run first turn. 

I advance up, pop a shot off at the SG's with Gunny under snipe and then drop some fury on the stone.  Janissa lays down a wall to prevent shenanigans.

Turn 2
More running happens in prep for the Jam on turn 3.  Fenns get in close and SG's run up into position.  Burrowers do their thing on the left flank and Madrak hangs back.

I advance up with Gunny, drop a wall and pop a shot off at a Fell Caller.  I crit dev him and an axer but I kill the Fell Caller with the shot and pop my feat. I move up with my EB and drop Elemental Communion on Gunny but can't quite plug the whole I left.  SoB's sing for super tough and make some charges and assaults. They are basically their to hopefully tie up fenns and have fewer charges hit Gunny which I was worried about.  My pyre fires off a shot towards the SG's and kills 3.  Janissa drops a second wall to round out my turn.

Turn 3
Madrak forgets to upkeep Bloodfury and makes a frenzy check on his pyre troll and passes after vengeance on the Fennblades gets resolved.  With blood fury on them they manage to kill both SoBs.  This is the round he gets his charges off with the Fenns and lands 2 guys on Gunny who both miss.  SG's spray a bit doing a few points of damage to Rök but nothing more and burrowers run towards my back line because they didn't have any good charge lanes. 

I clear out the fenns who are stuck in and refortify my position with proper wall placement.  Some ranged attacks happen and a clear path appears for a Madrak charge.

Turn 4
Madrak decides to make a goo at at but because or proper wall placement he fails his charge.

Rök eats Madrak and all is well, gunny Advances. Next round I get to take on pGrissel.  Going to be a hard fought competition for sure.

Proper wall placement makes or breaks this guy.  Had I placed my walls properly the turn his fenns charged I could have had no problems being safe the entire game.  In future games I will run Janissa 2 turns to make sure I can get her close enough to drop effective walls.  Also, I may invest fury in putting elemental communion on Janissa to ensure she doesn't leave the table too early.

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