31 July 2012

Playing to Our Strengths: Trolls at Low Points Part 3

When last we spoke I was going over the viability of our Units in point levels of 35 and below. This week I want to go over our beasts.  Obviously the Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw format is the big focus here, but what about our mixed lists at 25 and 35? It can be hard to fit heavies in without losing too much of the meat of the army. So let's look at what we can bring and whether or not we should...

Light Warbeasts
It is no secret we have some of if not the best light beasts in the game.  With a host of very useful animi and some decent offensive output, we really only have a few corner-case or useless light warbeasts. 

Axer - 
Solid animus, really good offensive output, and good defensive stats he's out heavy that's a light.  He tucks nicely into a lot of lists including our Battle Box.  He can add a lot of utility to a list with Pathfinder for bigger harder hitting targets or mix it up himself.  Definitely a Solid choice.

Bouncer - 
There has been some contention lately on whether or not the bouncer is worth it. Granted his stock went up a little once shield guard got fixed, but the core of playing him remains the same.  To be honest, when i look at beast choices, he simply doesn't cross my mind.  This game is about aggression and if you haven't learned to protect your warlock well enough by now, you need to re-evaluate you play style.  This game favors the aggressor and it's hard to be the aggressor with a defensive beast.  Also, bump is a must ability not a choice, so it's easily mitigated by your opponent unless they forget about it. Not really worth it IMO.

Impaler - 
I don't think I have had many things mess up an opponents game more then watching a Warjack/Warbeast go sailing over something important in their army.  Slams are a Trollblood staple and the Impaler was the original Kriel bowler.  So really good animus.  With as much ranged low as we have been getting lately it's hard not to see an Impaler in so many lists.  I think he is essential for any Warlock who uses their gun for offense or utility.  This slots him neatly into half the lists you can make.  That alone I think makes him viable.

Pyre - 
I think that giving the middle finger to Legion is good enough to make this model viable and I would love to end it at that but let's look deeper.  A damage buff at the meezly point cost of 5 is another strong reason to bring him.  Don't have enough points for a Mauler, the Pyre is your Troll.  Need a really nice, auto fire AOE? Pyre.  This guys is solid for 5 and taking him in lower point costs is kind of his forte.

Slag -
This one is a bit tougher. He's more of the same, but just a little different.  His animus is good, but not as universally useful I would say as the Pyre.  He has a potent gun with RoF 2 that's really good against undead, Jacks and constructs, but "meh" against everything else.  He is better in melee but do you really want him there anyway? The pyre has always been a beast that is great in some lists, not so much in others, you can bring him at lower point costs, but in most cases I say save a point and bring the Pyre instead.

Storm Troll - 
There is a lot of potential here I think.  I have not had enough time to play test this beast as his model has not been released.  I think he has great potential in a number of lists but I can't be sure.  We will call this one a Jury is still out for now.

Swamp - 
What and odd duck.  Seems very one dimensional and situational.  I have yet to use him as I have never found a use for him.  Granted his is our only 4pt light. So I guess if you have 4 points you don't know what to do with and need to generate some more fury for your army, he's your Troll?  Oh and before people tell me about how he can eat the book and how good crit consume is, I know he can do that, I would rather take solos instead...

Winter - 
Let's just move along and not talk about this one...ok fine... He's not terrible, but he's not great either.  He costs too much for what he does and if I wanted to bring him for his spray I could just bring a min unit of scattergunners instead.  Let's not even mention his animus. Yeah it makes your opponent avoid or kill whatever it's on in one activation, but let's be honest here.  Not great.

Heavy Warbeasts
Our heavies are pretty awesome.  Almost every one has a super useful animus.  Most are pretty good in melee with some decent ranged compliments.  It's really hard to choose a favorite here...
Blitzer - 
I am not certain in a format where you bring maybe only 1 heavy that the Blitzer stand on his own enough to be truly worth it.  Shooting is good but it's only great if you already have an Impaler in tow.  I think he has a place in some lists but I am not sure he's worth it in enough lists to truly make him viable. So, let's call me maybe? (sorry, that was terrible)

Bomber - 
Probably our second best beast. He fits nicely in lots of lists for his obvious offensive potential.  He suffers when not paired with Gunny or an Impaler, but I don't think he has the same issues as the Blitzer.  He's more focused at what he does and has better output when he does. I say he's easily usable in like 75-80% of lower point lists and even as a ranged component to melee focused armies.  

Earthborn - 
He is our best beast hands down and I don't care if you agree with me.  If you need a heavy to perform and be useful at every stage of a game, then bring and Earthborn.  He has a fantastic animus, is self sufficient, and is a murder machine.  If you need a heavy, bring this guy and you will not regret it.

Mauler - 
The Mauler really deserves a nod as linebacker for beast heavy lists like eDoomy and others.  The animus goes a long way to making our beast more points effective and when the time comes the Mauler can wreck face with the best of them.  However I use him in more of a support role and late game beast.  He is a solid choice and easily usable at lower points or as your only heavy.

Mulg - 
What's not to love about Mulg. His point cost? Oh, yeah.  His animus? It can be useful sometimes. Really, Mulg is a nice 12 point package and has a place in beast heavy lists but I don't think he is super viable until probably 35pts and above.  Granted he has reach, but I almost always reach for my Earthborn before Mulg. Take him if you really want to but I wouldn't recommend it.  

Rök - 
Another odd Duck like Mulg at lower point levels, good in some lists, not so great in others and his animus can't be used on anything but beasts.  So unlike Rage and the other lot, you really are sort of stuck when your list is composed of mostly infantry and you really need some good damage.  Good beast, not as useful at lower points costs.

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  1. Recently I have been using a trio in my 35pts of Bomber/Impaler/Pyre; Impaler for the reasons you list above plus synergy with the other two beasts; but what I really like about the Bomber/Pyre combo is that it makes the Bomber a nasty mixed arms beast, 2 POW 17 Crit Fire Open Fists and his Barrels of course.