02 July 2012

Thank you...

Most of the time here at The Scrum, what we do is completely for selfish reasons.  We have a lot of fun writing blog posts, recording podcasts and running events for everyone.  We don't think much about how it effects the community because we have such a good time doing these things for you.  Today I received an extremely flattering email from someone who competed in our Scrum Painting Challenge.

"Hey Matt just thought I'd pass this along.  Wanted to say thanks for doing the scrum challenge.  Helped me stay on task for completing my hardcore army for diecon this year. I painted up Borka, Mulg, Rok, a war wagon, 5 special whelps, a special champion unit, and a 10 man fennblade unit for hardcore and placed them on a special display tray complete with an Ipod to play 80's rock.  The army netted me the Master craftsmen.  Like I said, the scrum challeneg helped me stay on task and I just wanted to say thanks. 
Chris Suhre D.Vader "

To Chris and the entire community, I want to say thank you.  It's every one of you who make doing this more then just a fun hobby.  The Scrum was founded on the idea that Dallas and I just wanted to mess around and put stuff up about trolls.  Now it has become so much more, but not without the help of every one of you who have commented, supported and competed in something we have brought to the Troll community. So, thank you.  Without all of you there is no way we could continue bringing The Scrum with the same Axe to Mouth enthusiasm every week.  Keep it coming guys and we'll keep posting.

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