24 September 2012

Dire Brackets Winners

The Dire Brackets have finally come to a close.  With the dust settling the battles have been furious but Jarl reigns victorious. 

Dire Brackets Winner ~ Uncle Biggins & Largi $15 at Discount Games Inc.
Dire Brackets Pickem ~ Phreaker $50 coupon (purchase of $100 or more) at Battlefoam's Online Store
Random Winner ~ ToughRolls  Trollbloods foam topper
Random Winner ~ Ogrob  Trollbloods foam topper
Random Winner ~ The Happy Anarchist  $15 at Discount Games Inc.
Random Winner ~ Rham7649  $15 at Discount Games Inc.

 Winners will receive email notification shortly on how to claim their prizes.   A big giant Thank You to Everyone who participated. 

Stay Tuned for the painting competition that we most likely will call, "They're Whelps Jim."

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