04 October 2012

The Scrum at Duelcon Photo Dump

  Hey guys, I just wanted to post the pictures I took at Duelcon, and would like to thank you for all of your support for getting us there. This couldn't have happened without the community, and all props go to you guys. <claps emphatically>

  Here are the photos from the events ranging from the MM/TC event to the WMW Qualifier. Thanks again guys:

Crystal Brush Paint Competition Entries

1st Place Overall

2nd place Overall

3rd Overall (I may be wrong about this)

Honorable Mention

My entry, I however didn't win anything :(


  1. I think your Troll looks awesome. I love the color scheme. That gun carriage is mighty impressive as well. I'm surprised it didn't win anything either.

  2. Well...my entry wasn't the troll it was Resnik. Lol