24 October 2012

The Scrum's Painting Challenge II

Hey you! You think you can paint? Think you have what it takes to show your stuff off to the world and compete against some of the best there is? Now the real trick.  Can you do it...Fast? Well, we are here to find out.  And this isn't your grandmother's painting contest, this one is for stuff, like Battlefoam and things.  But, seriously, there are prizes on the line.  Here's the skinny!

The Challenge
- 6 Weeks
- 6 Models
- Painted and Based to your best possible quality

The Catch
All models Submitted must fit a theme within the game.  Meaning, these models must all be within a unit, or have some connection in the story or game play. Examples are: Min Champs, Champ Heroes and Skaldi.  You can see a clear theme. Be creative here though. I don't want to see just a list of Battlegroups in a theme list. I want something kick ass that has an interesting scheme.

Here' the other part of the catch.  I need a list of all models you intend to paint, why you want to paint them and what theme you will be choosing for your submissions. Extra points given for anything and everything that sets your models apart, not just in paint, but in theme.

The Terms
- Entry to the contest is $5 donated with forum name at www.trollbloodscrum.com
- Photos must be clear...very clear.  The better the picture the better the model looks.
- All models must be submitted by the deadline each week in their completed form.
- All models being submitted MUST be pictured in bare metal or primed form with time stamp.
- All model groups must be submitted with explanation of theme and paint theme.

Contest begins Nov. 12th 2012. Models must be submitted by end of the week Sunday by 12AM based on your time zone.  Please included the time zone when submitting your initial information. Send all Submissions to Goris@Trollbloodscrum.com

The Loot
Best Painted: $50 off a purchase of $100 or more at www.Battlefoam.com
Runner Up: Trollblood Foam Topper
Best Theme: A Set of Trollbloodscrum.com Tough Dice
Random Prizes!
More Dice

Depending on the number of entries our prize pool only gets more grandiose! So come one come all and even if you paid 5 bucks you might get something out of it. So even if you just want to be seen for your painting and modeling prowess you can still walk away with something sweet!

So, bring your best, bring it fast and show the world how good you are.

This event is sponsored by Battlefoam(TM) and Located at www.Battlefoam.com


  1. Sweet! I look forward to seeing some great paintjobs!

  2. Hmmmm.....

    I do have a unit of Fennblades that need some paint...

  3. I'm really considering doing this. The rules are a bit vague to me though. Do we submit all 6 bare/primmed by this Sunday (Oct 28), next Sunday (Nov 4 - day before contest starts), or each Sunday we submit a new photo of one model?