18 December 2012

Journeyman League Cygnar Week 3

Week 3 is upon me and I have been given 25 points to work with. Originally I postulated that I wanted to bring a hunter with my Kraye list, but I switched it up with great effect. See how Long Gunners served me in week 3 below.

Week 3: 25pts
The List

Points: 25/25
Captain Jeremiah Kraye (*6pts)
* Ironclad (7pts)
* Stormclad (10pts)
Long Gunner Infantry (Leader and 9 Grunts) (10pts)
* Long Gunner Infantry Officer & Standard (2pts)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1pts)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1pts)

As it stood, I felt a marked lack of ranged power with Kraye and I didn't feel like just adding Hunters would present me with enough options as more and more infantry hit the table. So I went to the shooting well and brought Long Gunners and 2 Stormsmiths. The Stormsmiths could help with my jacks and infantry getting caught up and provide some key model removal. Might I add that these things are solid gold.  I don't know if anything for 1 point is quite as good as these are. Anyway, this gave me a whole new look at the game and sort of sold the combined arms thing for me.

Having a concentrated ranged threat really had a profound effect in my games.  I now had a way to really soften hard targets on their way in. Making my jacks more effective at removing the pieces that could threaten my Warcaster in the late game. 

I wish I had such effective 1pt solos in Trolls. Having the ability to remove key blocking models or help to disengage things so effectively is really sweet. They won me 2 games simply by getting my long gunners out of melee so I could use them more effectively. 

At this point level it is really hard to say that what I am experiencing is a true representation of the faction.  I get that.  It however, is making me take a look at my list building in Troll in an effort to spread my model choices out and see if I can achieve the same success.

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