15 December 2012

Journeyman League Cygnar

Well we are drawing near on my week 3 games so I wanted to post a few reflections about my experience with the faction and some insights I am having as I play. This has certainly been interesting.

Week 2: 15pts

More stuff on the table
As the lists started hitting the table my patented Stormclad to the face combo was becoming harder to pull off. My hopes that more infantry would hit the table were also dashed as I saw more walls of metal and my choice to add a Sentinel to my list was going to fall flat. So simply, it was becoming harder to piece trade or out and out win games with more crap in the way. There were a few ways I tried to mitigate this...

- Use my Sentinelas bait to have my opponent throw a heavy at and perhaps leave a gap in his lines I could open for the Stormclad bullet.

- Things like throws and slams are really effective for getting stuff out of the way and making room for large bases. So with my mat 7 Ironclad I was having no trouble pulling off slams.

- Shield guard is pretty good it turns out. My Menoth opponents were having fits because they just couldn't connect with the targets they wanted consistently.

Piece trading was becoming harder and I'm starting to notice there is a marked difference in the power of focus v fury. Cygnar does have very focus efficient jacks and I think that my selection of the Sentinel will probably be changed into a hunter in the coming point additions.

A strong ranged presence I think it was what I really need as time goes on to ensure that I can get the most damage out and not just rely on my 2 heavies.

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