19 February 2013

SR2013 Troll 3 List Essentials

So, with Tournament Season approaching I think it's time to take a look at the basics of what we as Trolls really want in a 3 list format.  With this article I want to address the basics. So getting an idea of what we as a faction want to to by either answering the enemy or asking the questions!

Not every list has a Colossal in it!
I know that this needs to be addressed because right now I feel like there's a bomb scare like every list you will hit in a tournament will have a Colossal or Gargantuan in it. Or, that it will be the Bart, Galleon bullshit we know is out there. Obviously this can change with your Meta, but I think Trolls need to really stop being so scared of what will be across the table from us. When you stop worrying about this it will really loosen up your list building ideas and start thinking strait.

So What Are Our Options?
Right now I feel like Trolls are going to do well in a few areas. The new scenarios favor our factions in a number of ways.

 - The Jam
We have a really fast hard to remove faction and that can really favor us in scenario if we can beat on our opponents to scenario zones and start scoring early. Expect Warlocks like Jarl and Grissel to really be strong in this sense, Grissel most notably. Grissel's tool set is so strong in SR2013 that it's hard to deny that you will see her. Hoof it can get her first wave of tar pit up the board and a early feat no Turn 2 can completely clog the zone with the rest of her infantry. Or you feat turn 3 to lock down and spells or retaliation if you are having to grind out the game more then Jam it up.

The reason the Jam works so well in SR2013 is because of the way we can dominate our friendly zones with our Warlocks and start scoring points early. An early lead in Scenario scoring can be huge. Also with our tough infantry we can easily contest zones long after our opponent, especially if we are there first. But, don't discount the ability to score a point a turn starting on the bottom of turn 3.

- Colossal Removal
Yeah, you knew it was coming. You knew you needed to have an answer for this. Even if you don't you need to have a way to end the game before a Stormwall shoots you off the table or at least something similar. I have seen talk about extreme flanking maneuvers to get around Colossal bases and get to Warcasters. And I think this idea has merit, but I also think you need to commit to that strategy as hard as you do to killing a colossal. Which would mean a specific caster or list design. I'm still not certain your flanking whatever won't just die on the way in but I think this idea needs exploring so I wanted to bring it up.

As to simply destroying it I am starting to really lean towards a more standard list build from times past.  I think this is because I need to get shot off the table really bad before I actually see this not being a viable list building tactic.  Anyway, the more standard beast bricks can get the job done.  Doomy does it from downtown but has this problem with death and ranged fire so there's that.  I think that delivering a supported beast and one or 2 other things is really all we need to do as Trolls don't have a problem with damage.  Family Reunion can be an option because it has all the goodies in it but I am not certain that is has the legs for every colossal match up.  It also has big time problems with certain Cryx match ups simply because of the Caster selection.  In conclusion, take your pick, we have ways to deal damage.  Build your list around surviving the approach.

- High Defense Infantry Spam is Still a Thing
^^ This. Have a plan for this.  AOE's. Slamming your own shit. AOE's. Something. AOE's..... Anyway, this isn't something we have historically had a huge problem with because we have things like Long Riders and Impalers to use. More then just high def infantry, you need to have some sort of plan for eButcher Doomeraver spam because that shit is balls and will walk all over yours if you don't have some sort of plan. The first Warlock that really comes to mind for me s grim here.  He solves a lot of problems in high def and the Butcher scenario.  He slows the advance of infantry, lowers their defense and ca buy you a turn while making your army more accurate and positioning them to give you a fighting chance.  Also squishy casters beware. Other options are Calandra ranged lists for good ranged and blast damage. Flavor it how you want but having some AOE's and a way to deal with this sort of thing is important.

- Dark Horse
Or, Skew Lists as they are called can really catch people off guard. This goes back to the way Trolls ask questions and we see if our opponent has an answer. It's not a terrible idea by any means but the list better have a specific purpose, scenario, or match up you are trying to exploit or it will fall flat on it's face. There's no real way to suggest what to do with this because let's be honest, it might not work.

So, these are the basics I feel are important to understand when you begin to make lists for an SR2013 event.  Feel free to comment or PM me if you have any questions or ideas you would like to ask.  Good ideas might make their way onto the next Article or Scrumcast!

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