16 October 2013

Mabrothrax aka Alex

Gamer. White Metal & resin addict. UK Press Ganger. Troll.

I am all of the above and more – generally known as Mabrothrax on any forum I sign up to. The Scrum guys have been on the lookout for more content for the blog, and I’m stepping up, offering a whole bunch of ideas and nonsense.

My first Trollblood Warlock was epic Doomshaper, mainly cos he looked badass, but also because he was a beast centric ‘lock and beasts is what attracted me to Hordes over Warmachine. What’s not to like about giant monsters beating each other to death? And of course like a bitter and twisted Saruman wannabe, Doomshaper is the ideal troll for leading big hungry monsters on a genocidal rampage.

What I love about the Trollblood faction is its sheer bloody minded resilience. So what if it’s not got top tier casters? Does it matter if most of its choices are sub-par? (note I may not subscribe to these points of view). Like I care.

When I put Trolls on the table I’m saying to my opponent “I’m gonna play my game, deal with it”. For me, when you play trolls it’s all about ignorance and synergy. I choose not to try and answer every question a meta can throw at me, my tough trolls simply do their thing asking their own question – “What you gonna do about it?”

Recently I’ve been playing pMadrak. Inspired by the upcoming ‘challenge’ I realised I’d never played him outside of a battlebox demo and thought it was high time to give him a proper field test. So far so good, and at the time of writing I’m a day away from a 35 point Steamroller where I’m gonna use him exclusively to see how he handles it (and how bad my games has gotten!)
I’m gonna blog my pMadrak experience, my troll thinking, and general PP musing. I even paint and convert models and will certainly be getting some of that going on here. (I subscribe heavily to the ‘play it painted’ school of thought. I play like I’ve got a painted pair).
That’s all for now, in the words of the great Marc Bolan –
“Get it on, bang the gong, get it on.”

A bassist or bass player is either the most revered or most pitied member of a musical group, depending on the genre. Because of the wide range of music types that utilize the bass, and the varying amount of talent required to be successful within each, bass is a highly desirable instrument for players of all levels. Alongside drummers, bassists are often the most accomplished musicians within a band, or an unemployment benefits queue.

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  1. An excellent intro, I look forward to learning about your Troll knowledge.