30 October 2013

Tournament prep 101...or how easy is it to forget stuff

Howdy folks, Hollow Echo here.
This Saturday , I'm going to be in a 50 point Steamroller hosted by Static Age Games. I post the battle reports up on my next post .As I'm getting ready for this tournament I decided to make a checklist and share it with the Scrummers... Scrumites....no... Readers .

• Your lists ( if you can, print out the official steamroller sheet and write it down .. Don't use nicknames not everybody is as experienced as you. They might not know that "Jr." or "JWC" stands for Journyman Warcaster.)
• Your models for both lists, including models that get created in the game (extra Thralls, extra welps, etc).
•Your dice (two different colors, 1 of off color, 5 of normal)
•Enough Tokens for all effects/abilities/focus/fury. I highly recommend the privateer set for your faction ( I personally own two of every set)
•A Pen or a Pencil (for marking your tournament sheet)
•Cards for both lists some people use War Room and tablet if into that 
•Spray/AOE/Rings/Acrylic templates ( this is important  as you opponent will forget his )
•Measuring tape 
Optional stuff
•Laser lever ( these have gotten cheap in past years.I have a laser leveler/ tape measure  combo I pickup for 5 bucks)
•Carrying tray if you have one awesome if not, it's just going to take longer to move you pieces from table to table) 

Now I know most of you already know this, but hey it's always good to double check yourself. 

Have Fun!

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