11 October 2013

Public Service Announcement

Trolbloodscrum needs writers. 

Qualifications - Desire to write stuff on this blog about Trolls some of the time. About Privateer Press Stuff most of the time.

Reqirements - To post something short once or twice a week to fill in the gaps.

Rewards - The respect of your peers maybe?  PLUS a Trollbloodscrum email address of your choosing.

Commitment - Individual must commit to writing something (1 paragraph at least once per week)

How to Apply - Send an email to thegreatblah@trollbloodscrum.com  if you are interested.

Honestly folks, we have good content but we aren't consistent enough.  We would like a few folks to put pen to paper and fill up our down time. This makes it so the blog has consistent content and so Goris can focus most his time on the podcast and Blah can focus his time on promotions and sepcial projects.  Plus we like having our writers on the podcast  and when we do get Scrum Stuff they usually get first pick (it happens infrequently, but it does happen). 

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