22 October 2013

Tom a.k.a. Kro

Howdy folks! My name is Tom (aka Kro on the PP forums) and I'm a TROLL-a-holic!

I've been stumbling drunk and kilt lifting for the better part of eighteen months after being rescued from my decision to originally play Cygnar. I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, and have been here for over a decade. I got into WarmaHordes after a two year hiatus and cornea transplants on both eyes(talk about an eye opening experience). 

Within the last six months I've started to up my game competitively and thankfully, my meta has no shortage of great opponents to grind my teeth against(read: I lose ALOT!). But hey, every loss is a learning experience and I've got loads to learn!

It's my hope that over the coming months we can have some open discussions on units, strategies, tier lists and yes, even the Mountain King! I'm not your average Trollblood player either, I tend to go "against the grain" on trends and mainstay strategies. In my meta, we see just about everything list and faction wise, so the "thinking outside the box" mentality tends to serve me quite well.

Like what you see here or have a question? Ask away! Always glad to lend my brain to help solving problems or theory-machining lists and strategies!
Till next time, stay tough and remember, "Horthol, apply directly to the forehead."

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