18 November 2013

LTC preparations...

It almost didn’t happen, but after various bribes, rummaging through trash cans and threats of exposing ones genitals the Philosoraptors are go! Sorry, I should explain… after the feverish excitement* caused by the WTC, Cross Gaming Club in London are holding the London Team Championship (LTC) on Nov 30th.

50pt SR, two lists, divide and conquer (1) – at present there are twelve teams of three players, and my partners in crime are bringing Menoth and Retribution whilst I bring the Trolls. Both my lists are ones of mentioned previously, being pMadrak – going with as much armour 21 as possible, and Calandra’s Theme ‘Evolutionary Elementalism’, which will feature a Mountain King for all your paper weight needs.

The Calandra list is as follows…

Evolutionary Elementalism (NQ 49, Tier 4, 55/55)
Calandra (+5 WB)
Runebearer (2)
Mountain King (19)
Winter Troll (4)
Pyre Troll (4)
Storm Troll (4)
Warders (max) (8)
Kriel Stone bearer and Scribes (max) (4)
Stone Scribe Elder (1)
Janissa Stone Tide (3)
Rune Shapers (4)
Troll Whelps (2)

The pMadrak list is a little unstable at present. Given that Janissa is in the Calandra list, I wonder about bringing the Earthborn, Rok might be a better choice to primal the Bouncers. Plus surely Rok’s Berserk + Crusher is just wrongness on toast?

Blackjack Madrak (56/56)
Madrak, Thornwood Chieftain (+6)
Runebearer (2)
Mulg the Ancient (12)
Rok (11)
Troll Bouncer (5)
Troll Bouncer (5)
Trollkin Warders (max) (8)
Trollkin Warders (max) (8)
Kriel Stone bearer and Scribes (max) (4)
Stone Scribe Elder (1)

I’ll muse more on these lists over the next ten days, and appreciate any feedback. Look out for a tournament report as well, and if you’re a twitter junkie, follow me on @UnicronsBeard

Keep rolling Tough!


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  1. Hi Mabrothrax,

    It is Novemberrain from Warseer here - we are in the middle of a trade. Get in contact with me on Warseer ok?