27 November 2013

Wrathen's Workshop: eGrim First Game & Impression

Workshop: First Game and Impression of eGrim

(not my paint job... I wish it was)

So I have had my eGrim for a few weeks but have not the opportunity to play him. I decided to meet up with my friend JB for a friendly game and to destroy some Khador. My buddy JB was playing pButcher (though not the right model).

He played:
-Sylys Wyshnalyrr
-Beast 09
Gun Carriage
Man-o-War Drakhun
Windowmaker Marksman
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Winter Guard Mortar Crew
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich
(as a side note I built his army after the fact in warroom to do this write up and found he was a point over *shrug* oh well)

I played:
-2x Impaler
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Fell Caller Hero
Fennblade Kithkar
Fennblades (max) w/ UA
Pyg Burrowers
Krielstone Bearer (min) w/ UA

I would like to say first that this is my first "Battle Report" and it will likely be be in need of improvement I missed at least one photo I should have taken and my note taker feel asleep so the last part of the game is by memory. I now have a new found respect for the Battle Report Podcasters and other who do battle reports. Hopefully I will get better at them as time goes on if people would like to see more battle reports. I already plan to find me a voice recording app so I don't have to write notes while playing if I do more reports.

My first observation is I played the Runebearer wrong a few times (IE forgot to activate him before Grim). Next I like this battle group although I only rolled crit slam once all game but the potential was there. I really enjoyed the play style of eGrim I have been playing alot of pGrissel, Runes of War, Family reunion, and Borka non-Tier lately so its a nice change of pace. Mirage helped with positioning and setting up chargse while Mortality didnt help much this game due to poor rolls the potential is there and against some armies it would be killer. What I think ultimately won me the game ( or at least make it much easier ) was my 6 pt unit of Burrowers tying up/stalling 21 pts of jacks. All and all I not only enjoyed my game with eGrim but think with more practice he could be a very strong caster for the faction. I could see him making it into one of my two lists for a 2 list tournament and for sure in a 3 list format.

I have another few list ideas I would like to try with eGrim that include Warders and Scattergunners maybe that will be in another battle report or workshop in the future.

Until next time continue putting axe to face.

Now onto the show.....


I wanted to be able to get Grim up to the wall the Fennblades to one zone and the Impaler and Axer to the other. 

He deployed pButcher straight across flanked by his jacks. Put the Great Bearers and calvery solos across from my light jacks. Then mortar crew & windowmakers across from from the Fennblades.

Turn 1: (somehow missed Khador first turn picture)

Turn one was alot of running on my part spacing out to avoid as much mortar as possible.

I dont have a picture of his first turn but he shot twice with the battle engine @ a Fennblade near where the mauler is in the picture for my turn 2. First shot deviated then 2nd shot hit and killed. Windowmakers then took shots and killed 2 more Fennblades

Turn 2:

I vengeance my Fennblades up closer nothing was within vengeance range and Mirage closer. Burrowers pop up and get ready to charge his jacks. Impaler by the right zone goes first gets a slam off on the Sprigin moving him back like 1/2" into the Battle Engine and pButcher knocking stuff down and doing 2 damage to Butcher. Runebearer goes and does Harmonious on Grim then the Impaler in the middle puts Snipe on Krump. Grim and Co go get up close enough to have Grim put a shot on the middle Great Bear Kolsk (the one w/ Steady). Then Krump knocks down Beast09 and Grim put Mortality on Beast09. (WOOT both jacks and pButcher knocked down) the reformed back.

Here is where everything went bad for me charge with the Fennblades & Burrowers. One Fennblade got to the windowmakers and missed, two Fennblades got charges on the Battle Engine, and the rest of the Fennblades ran.

Burrowers charged both jacks, the battle engine and the last two gear bears. I did HORRIBLE on my damage rolls. I did a total of 7 damage to the battle engine (w/ 2 Fennblades and 3 Burrowers), one burrower charged the Sprigin and did nothing, 4 Burrowers charged Beast09 and did .... 5 damage (total!), then the Burrowers charging the Great Bears did nothing.

Last the Axer ran up to position to block the two carvery models from coming in. They had to kill him or take free strikes going by. Then the mauler ran up to charge in next turn and finish off a heavy since my damage rolls let me down.

He upkept Fury on Fenris and shook on Beast09 & Sprigin and allocated the rest of his focus. He then activated and did Thresher .... this is where my dice when in my favor.... he missed one and hit & pasted 3 burrowers who all three made tough checks then did 9 damage to his Sprigin (WINNING!!). The Great Bears moved up and did backswing killed the two Burrowers that engaged them and hit one of the toughed Burrower ... who toughs again! Dragoon charges Axer does some damage but he is still up Fenris charges rolls snakes on his impact attack but then finishes the Axer off with his two normal attacks.

Battle Engine drops some shots kills 2 fennblades & 4 burrowers (1 toughs again!). Sprigin goes hits KDed Burrower with shield... tough .. spear ... tough (hahahah).

Mortar shoots and Grim misses hits Impaler and Krump (who takes 4 damage). Windowmakers who can shoot up some Fennblades (some die, some tough). Butcher stands up and walks over.

Turn ends: He gets a CP and I realize that I didnt have enough of a unit to control my point.

Turn 3:

(at this point my note taker fell asleep so I'm going by memory from a week and a bit ago)

I left Mirage drop and vengeance into the Battle Engine and do little to no damage. At this point I realize I'm likely not going to be able to eat through his armor without charges but I might be able to go for a CP victory. KSB & Scribes chant armor and strength and go over to control the zone. Fell Caller runs over to the other zone.

Fennblades & Burrowers attempt to damage Beast09 and Battle Engine doing little to nothing.. seems other than tough rolls my dice are rebelling. A single Burrower shoots and kills a Great Bear. Both Impalers attempt to crit slam a jack over pButcher and dont get a crit. I decide that the mauler cant get to anything so he goes into the zone to be an immovable object.

Grim & Co go drop a trap to protect Grim and Krump attempts to KDs Fenris and misses & Grim shoots Fenris and does 8 damage. They then reform into the best I can do to get them in the zone. Kithkar, Fell Caller and Runebearer run up to help block Grim from a counter attack.

End of Turn: I get another CP goes to 1 - 1

In a surprising turn of events he gets to Grim.... lucky I left 3 fury on him.

So between the Battle Engine & Mortar crew they shoots over and clear Runebearer & Krump. Beast09 & Sprigin still keeps killing Burrowers and they keep toughing. The last Great Bear for some reason charges the Kithkar and does 4 damage (not sure why he didnt go into the zone).

Then Dragoon and Fenris charge Grim who ends up living due to good defense and 2 transfers which kill an Impaler and I reeve 2 fury back splashing a few damage back. He ends his turn with Grim at 7 health.

End of Turn: CPs go to 2 - 1 

Turn 4: Game over Khador

So I need 3 CPs to win so I just need to clear out both the Dragoon and Fenris and I win. I cut for 2 fury and upkeep nothing.

Chronicler does charge of the Trolls on the scribes and stands in zone. Impaler goes over and does some damage to the Dragoon. Scribes chant strength/armor and charge only one gets to the Dragoon does no damage. Kithkar turns around swings twice and finishes off the Dragoon.

Fell Caller calls himself and then dismounts Fenris he places out of range for 2nd attack. Mauler activates and moves max distance and Rages Grim ... its CLOBBERING TIME! Grim steps up and swings and boosts to hit hits doing dice +2 [ POW16 (12+3+1) vs ARM 14 ]. Finishing Fenris off in 1 hit.

I say go and get 3 CPs and it goes to 5 - 1

Thanks for reading sorry the end was bad didnt have notes to go on. Im not sure I'll be continuing to do battle reports unless people give me some good feedback and want more. Im willing to place just about any list you would like to read as long as I own the models and its not horrible. Just email or leave a comment if you would like to see more battle reports and what list you would like to see.

Until next time continue putting axe to face.


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  1. Awesome! Always nice to see JB get beat. ;-) Go trolls!