07 December 2013

Stone Scribe Chronicler Tactica: Epic Stories... of DEATH!

Stone Scribe Chronicler: 
Epic Stories... of DEATH!
by GreenJello 

Okay, so he can't really kill stuff by telling stories, unlike the guy at your local watering hole, who can put people into coma's of boredom, but he can inspire his fell Trolls to great heights by recounting epic stories of their history.

Battlefield Role
The Stone Scribe Chronicler's (SSC) role is of a support model for our excellent infantry.

His stats are virtually the same as Fennblade, with -1 ARM. Unlike most Trollkin solos, he has only 5 damage boxes.

Battle Axe
He's got a single melee attack, which combined with his average stats allows him to threaten some other infantry and solos. He can use it to make a charge attack, allowing him to move 3"+ inches before doing his story telling.

This is the main reason he's taken. His ability to tell stories, which can be done at any time, effecting himself, and one unit within command for a round.

Charge of the Trolls
Buffs attack and damage rolls for the unit, provided the target is in melee with a friendly beast. Often times you want this to be a light warbeast, with Reach, such as the Axer or Impaler, but any Trollkin beast will do. This is often one of the best uses for this model. Makes the SSC a bit more effective as a combat solo, though he's still no Horthol. Further as a solo he can be used to pick off models that are blocking or engage Troll beasts, allowing them to shoot, charge, or otherwise act normal.

Hero's Tragedy
Knocks down enemy warrior models which kill models in the buffed unit. Can be interesting against high DEF units, or expensive units with Reach. Forces your opponent to make a tough choice: kill and get knocked down, or receive a charge. Doesn't effect ranged attacks.

Tale of Mist
Models gain concealment and Feign Death. Provides a decent amount of protection against ranged armies.
Most of our warlocks can get some use from the SSC, even if it's a quick boost at the beginning of the game. Here are some of the nastier tricks.

Surefoot can take the lead unit to DEF14, and Tale of Mists can make it DEF16 vs shooting.

My favorite thing to use the chronicler for is generating knockdowns to enable my caster to get a debuff on a unit without having to boost to hit. Jam a unit with hero's tragedy into something that you need help killing and if any of them fall down due to hero's tragedy, now you have an easy target to cast Calamity or Mortality on, getting the rest of the unit in the process.

Iron Flesh can take a regular front line unit from to DEF15 and Tale of Mists can make it DEF17.

Since Grim2 is a unit, they can have any of the tales applied to them. Often you'll want Tales of Mist to protect against ranged attacks. To really PO your opponent, you can always have one of your lights head butt Grim after he's gone, insuring knock down, and preventing him from being targeted during the next turn.

Quicken offers +2 def, his feat offers -2 to hit for living models. Quickened and Tales of misted Kriel warriors being shot at from living troops standing in his feat are def 18.

Tales of mist+stars crossed is about +4 def. Nice. Also, befuddle helps setting up the charge of the trolls

Kriel Warriors/Fennblades
These units will often be the front lines, and are the most like to get stabbed and shot. First turn it usually makes sense to give them Tales of Mist, protecting them against shooting. Second turn, Hero's tragedy, to knock down their killers, or Charge of the Trolls if something has been left open.

Burrowers/Bushwhackers/Sons of Bragg
These are the DEF13 units in trolls, and as such gain more from Tales of Mists than our units with the more normal DEF12.


  1. Another fun thing to do it cast Charge of the Trolls on Pyg Burrowers along with War Cry keeping one burrower in melee range of a friendly beast. You can also throw blood fury on them! :)

    MAT8 Three Die POW16 Burrowers? Wam bam, thank you ma'am! :)

  2. Charge of the trolls only grants the bonus to models striking an enemy model engaged by a friendly warbeast; keeping one of the unit near a friendly warbeast won't do them any good since they only get the bonus when attacking the same target as said friendly warbeast