16 December 2013

How to build a...House..part Deux!!!( that's 2 )

So who is ready to finish their house? What house you say? What you didnt read it well, here is the first part...
http://www.trollbloodscrum.com/2013/12/table-top-terrain-how-to-make-house.html?m=1 , Go and build then come back here for the rest. I'll wait.
For the rest of you here we go!!!

Step 1. . For the windows, grab a piece of graph paper and draw a 1" x 1" square for the side windows. As for the back window we are going to make it a bay window so we went 1" x 2" rectangle. .

Step 2. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the rectangle and square. I've placed Pendrake with them so you can see the relative size of the door and window

Step 3. Place the door rectangle on the carton and draw around it. Do the same for the windows (one window on each side).
Use a hobby knife to cut the openings on the carton. It helps if the openings are slightly larger, so don't worry about making them perfect.

Step 4. Take some of your popsicle sticks and frame up the windowing glue it down. I made a simple box pattern. You can even stack a couple of sticks together to make a wider window seal  if you want. When the glue dries paint it up with 2to 1 ratio of  brown paint to water so you can see the wood grain of the sticks 

Step 5. The roof!!!
Using a exacto blade I cut 2 pieces of matt board to make the roof. The long side is  4 1/4 "the short side is
2  5/8 ". Glue these to your roof .

Step 6 Because of the Iron  Kingdoms love some slate roofs  we are going to make some out of the remaining cereal box. Cut a 1/2 inch wide strip with a length equal to the roof plus 1 inch. Your going to need a lot of these. ( I cut about 25 out in case of mistakes 
Now  grab your ruler and measure out  1/2 inch marks on you strips with a pencil. Now cut those marks halfway into the strip.

Step 7.  Now staring with the bottom of the roof, you are going to glue  you first strip down, then line up your next strip so the flaps cover the slits of your previous strip. Glue it down. Replete til you reach the top of the roof. Then do the other side ( it doesn't have to be perfect ). You are going to have some over hang on the sides. Trim it off with some scissors.
Now at the apex glue two popsicle sticks down to frame the top of the roof. If you want you can add a chimney or a weather vane.

Step 8 paint the roof how ever you want I did mine in a slate blue ...as for the two sticks a 2 to 1 ratio of brown paint to water again 

I hope you enjoyed this article 
The more you make the easier it gets 

Enjoy the build!
  Hollow Echo

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