15 January 2014

Like A Boss: Solo Spotlight - Fell Caller Hero

Happy New Year Scrummers, Kro here with a new episode of everyones favorite column!(Okay maybe just mine)

It's been over a month since my last blog post, hopefully most of you can forgive the absence. The month of December is pretty crazy for me game wise but I hope each and every one of you had a happy holiday and an even better start to the new year! It's my hope to keep this column going by getting back into the swing of weekly posts.

Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully I'll be back to the Monday swing of things to start the week off right!

The goal with this ongoing series will be to give an insight on how I rate our varying faction units/solos/warlocks, and hopefully provide some fun and informative topics for discussion and debate.

Follow along after the jump for all the Fell Calling Insanity!

Last time on: Like A Boss, we took a look at our factions only means of fury control, the Whelps.

To start off the new year, we're going to start with taking a look at the Fell Caller Hero. This solo is without a doubt one of the coolest model sculpts (in my opinion) and its pretty beefy on the tabletop to boot. The Fell Caller provides us with the ability to give our infantry units a bit of added "Oomph!" that helps them get just a little bit more mileage, which is always helpful.

Grading System

For a rating system, we will be grading four aspects of the model itself: Stats, Abilities, Attacks and Point Cost. This will be done on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, and 1 obviously being the worst. Each aspect will be looked at individually to determine a score. After all of the breakdowns are complete, I will issue a final grade based on the total number of points on the following scale:

  • 0-5 Points - D Grade (Probably useful in some random 1 time occurrence)
  • 6-10 Points - C Grade (Useful under certain circumstances with the correct army composition)
  • 11-15 Points - B Grade (Useful under most circumstances regardless of army composition)
  • 16-20 Points - A Grade (Auto-include, the best of the best that you can bring)
I will try to keep these as objective as possible going forward, and remember, these are my impressions and opinions. Your mileage of course, may vary.


The Fell Caller Hero has pretty decent stats. Average trollkin SPD and DEF, a MAT of 7 and ARM 15. Decent stats for a solo, he can survive an average hit if your opponents dice aren't hot, with 8 hit boxes, you do need to keep him protected however.

Score - 3

Here's the reason you take the Fell Caller Hero, his abilities. Fell Calls are AWESOME. Period. They always have a use, and quite frankly should be used as much as possible for maximum effect. But lets take a look at each of the Fell Calls. He's also Fearless, so you don't need to worry about pesky command checks.
  • Overcome - Give a unit Pathfinder, any unit well, any unit within 5" All of our medium based infantry take up a lot of real estate on the tabletop, this helps our lines stay together, and not get broken by a pesky wall or terrain feature.
  • Reveille - Knocked down models within the Fell Callers command range automatically stand up. For the faction that lives and breathes Tough, it helps the troops that survive an assault get up and strike back without forfeiting movement or action.
  • War Cry - Gives a friendly model/unit +2 to melee attack rolls. Since most of our troops have MAT 5-6 range, boosting that to MAT 7-8 is HUGE. Especially if you're dealing with a DEF 15+ Caster/Warlock/Infantry unit.
Okay, if your not convinced that you need at least one Fell Caller in your collection, I don't know what to tell you. The Fell Calls are worth their weight in gold. You should find a use for all of these Calls in every game or at the very least, see their potential use in multiple places throughout a long game. This sole model has the ability to make our average infantry hit like bonkers, ensuring that crucial charge or attack has a better chance of making your opponent cry.

Score - 5


So the Fell Caller Hero has two different types of attacks, ranged and melee.

For range, he has a 8" POW 12 spray. The spray can do some damage to baseline infantry and light warbeasts/warjacks.

For melee he has 2 initial P&S 10 Weaponmaster attacks. In melee your gonna swing 7 dice of damage on the charge, or 6 dice just walking into combat. Since our faction doesn't have a ton of Weaponmaster floating around, more damage is always helpful.

Score - 4

Point Cost

The Fell Caller is FA 2 and costs 3 Points. Its not a bad price point for the utility that he brings to the army. I think he's pointed correctly, and FA ensures that we cant really spam Fell Calls all over(but you can take pGrissel if you want a ton of Fell Call shenanigans).

Score - 5

Overall Score - 17 - Grade A (Auto-include, the best of the best that you can bring)

My Thoughts

What a way to start off the year, our first A Grade on a solo. While he's not a high "A" he does warrant the grade based on what he can do. I rate the FCH (Fell Caller Hero) highly due to the simple fact that he makes good units great, if at least in small spurts.

As far as the Solo aspect goes, he works with everything, unlike a few solo's that while being great on the table, give added help to their specific parent units only, which can limit the utility they bring. The FCH is simply the best "Jack Of All Trades" solo that helps get work done. While some factions have solo models that simply shine on their own (which we have a few that can do that as well) I prefer the utility some of our solos (like the FCH) gives us. It helps play up to the synergy and cohesion our faction needs to thrive.

What do you guys think? Do you use Fell Callers? What lists do you run with them?

As always, have a comment/question/suggestion? Leave it below! Agree or disagree with me? I want to hear it! Articles you'd like to see done here on the Scrum? Speak up! I can't write it if you don't tell me you want it!

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Till next time kin, Stay tough and remember...

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