28 January 2014

Mabrothrax vs. The Internet!

Say good night, troll

So I was writing a bit about my Calandra theme force and was actually going to praise the Winter Troll. And the Mountain King.

Then I looked at the most recent troll purchase on my desk... the Night Troll. A plan came to mind, to take on the internet and win!

Well, something like that. What I'm proposing is a report on the use of the various trollblood options considered 'less than good'.

I'm trolling trolls with trolls. Time to ignore the forums and put shit on the table (not literally of course)

I'll start by throwing in the Night Troll and Winter Troll to whatever I play at my local club.  Moving on I might add the MK, Bushwhackers, Skinner, Gunnbjorn, Thumper crews etc. You get the idea.

In all seriousness, I'm actually quite excited to put the Night Troll on the table - he's cheap, has free charges (okay, only against living stuff) and a bunch of stuff that we just don't see on trolls. I like things that are different and break from the norm. How I'd love to get a  warlock with Admonition to use with this guy!

I'm thinking about his animus on a hard-ass warlock (eGrissel or pMadrak?) and Mulg's protective fit, or inhospitable ground? What about a  throwing a trap down courtesy of the Hunters Grim? Sounds fun, even if not OMG it's broken! tech.

Expect fun times ahead. The Night Troll is in town and looking for a good, er, night out? I'll be back soon with the aforementioned Calandra Theme force update and the continuation of my Play it Painted pledge.

I'm Mabrothrax, and I Troll like I've got a pair.



  1. Sounds like fun! ;)
    I actually grabbed myself the MK the other day, along with a thumper crew, and would've grabbed Gunnbjorn as well if he was in the store. Both the MK and Gunnbjorn are fantastic models after all, and I was thinking that, well, 2 minus becomes 1 +, right? And there is some synergy after with the MK's spray and Gunnbjorn's boosted attack rolls...

    That same day my MK went up alongside Jarl instead, to add some much needed hitting power to my list. I ended up facing eNemo's gunwall o 'jacks with the Stormwall up front however... Well, better luck next time. ;)

  2. Points: 50/50
    Captain Gunnbjorn (*5pts)
    * Night Troll (4pts)
    * Winter Troll (5pts)
    * Mountain King (20pts)
    Pyg Bushwackers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
    Thumpercrew (Leader and 2 Crew) (3pts)
    Thumpercrew (Leader and 2 Crew) (3pts)
    Trollkin Sluggers (Leader and 4 Grunts) (8pts)
    Trollblood Skinner (2pts)
    Trollblood Skinner (2pts)

  3. As a new and overly optimistic troll I can't wait to see how this turns out.

  4. I own everything in Trolls, and I play with it all - so I love seeing people embrace the faction as whole and focus on having fun!

    I actually have run the following Gunnbjorn list with Mountain King a few times recently and won each time (I realize it doesn't exclude itself to "sub-par" models, but it does have the big two...). Not that that's proof of a great list or anything, but I will say that I threw it together for kicks and it was surprisingly effective and I just kept winning, although I freely admit that these were not tournament games.

    Gunnbjorn (+5)
    *Mountain King (20)
    *Bomber (10)
    *Runebearer (2)
    Max Fenns +UA (10)
    Sons of Bragg (6)
    Fell Caller (3)
    Fennblade Kithkar (2)
    Fennblade Kithkar (2)

    The feat helps protect the Fenns from shooting early on, and their great threat range under the mini feat help jam things up. The Sons of Bragg handle any flankers on one side and then come in as a second wave. The Mountain King takes the other flank and helps pull the opponent's army off-balance because he often doesn't have enough on a flank to deal with that much beef. The bomber gets Snipe and it's upkept the entire game while Gunnbjorn moves up and sits behind his wall much of the game taking shots of opportunity and casting Guided Fire as needed.

  5. Glad to see people taking the path less travelled. I'll be taking Gunnbjorn with assorted guff (night and winter trolls probably) to my local club, mainly to give the newer players a chance! But seriously, I do want to give Gunnbjorn & less respected stuff like Bushwhackers a chance on the table.

    Actually, I might add in Raluk Moorclaw and a merc jack or two. After all, Gunny's snipe (and explosivo) are 'friendly' and not faction.

  6. I still think that Bushwackers with Snipe are pretty awesome. So much range and CRA makes them perfect for taking down some pesky solos or officers or even hit a warjack or even better a warcaster with one POW 20 (or two POW 15 if it's not that well armored) hit can be something....

    1. I completely agree. Played a small game (25pts) with Gunnbjorn including a min unit of Bushwhackers, and snipe made them really work. Incidentally I only used Guided Fire once in that game. More Gunnbjorn Musings to come...