03 April 2014

He's Lesser, but not Least

Hello again fellow scrummers. Today we're here to introduce, for those that haven't met him, are new friend Horgle Ironstrike. So let's get to the nitty gritty and just look at what the big guy can do.

 Picture posted by Celebros on the PP Forums

His stat line isn't bad he's decent SPD 5, so without buffs threats 8.5". He hits as accurately as a fennblade with MAT 6, and his RAT is negligible since he lacks a range weapon. Standard troll def and base 15 ARM, but a nice 17 when under the stone. He's also fearless, tough, and immune to fire attacks. He's got 8 wounds, like a good troll, and fury 4, so with ARM 17 he has some survivability (still better off then some of the Lesser Warcasters).

He's got two weapons, both without reach, and are magical weapons. His POW 11 sword also causes continuous fire, his hammer is POW 12 with Critical Ram. Though with the Stone easily made POW 12 and 13. With his Pyre or Slag animus POW 14 and 15. Or have your caster bring a Mauler and he becomes POW 15 and 16. Add eMadrak and you have up to six MAT 6 weapon master attacks, one at POW 15, the other five at POW 16 and if the target isn't dead it is on fire. So even without beasts this guy can be considered a crazy combat solo for late game.

Even with his crazy melee potential it's crazy not to take beasts with him. Mind you he is limited to Slag and Pyre trolls, though both come at a 1 pt discount if in his battle group. He also has the rule Burnt Meat which situationally allows beasts in his battle group to charge models for free that are suffering from continuous fire. So if he needs a little help in melee they can follow him in for free, or charge in after a Pyre troll sets it on fire with its gun. Speaking of guns Horgle has the 2 COST spell Hot Shot, which boosts the ranged damage rolls of one of his beasts in his battle group. This at first didn't strike me as great, but looking back now I realise that I was just being stupid. On a Pyre troll you now have focus to boost the attack roll and cast his animus on something else, because everything under that 3" AOE is going to suffer boosted POW 6. The Slag can now pay to boost its initial range attack roll, still pay for a second shot, and boost the attack roll, because the spell makes sure you get that fourth die on damage against non-living models. Initially I thought Horgle was going to receive a distance buff to ranged attack rolls, but I'm just as happy with boosted damage rolls.

Horgle's second spell is Molten Metal, an offensive COST 2, RANGE 10 spell that puts one point of damage in every column of a Jack's damage grid. It is a little situational, as it is only effective against Warmachine factions, and while it has a little more threat then his charge, it isn't nearly as effective as actually just charging.

I feel that Horgle will be a fine addition to our future endeavours in the Iron Kingdoms. Many of our casters are focused starved and won't mind a 3 COST melee monster that can also sit back and throw out Slag and Pyre animuses, while they are busy casting other spells or fueling the Krielstone. I can't wait for June to get this guy on the table. 

If you guys have any questions, comments, or suggestions throw me an email here, drop a comment below or pm me on the forums, otherwise have a good week and may all your dice roll tough.

- CrashWest


  1. I think you're selling Molten Metal a little short. Assuming six attacks, not boosting to hit, no Blood Fury:

    Against ARM 18 or less you will get more damage done charging even with no buffs (13.5 average damage vs. ARM 18).
    Against ARM 19 +1 STR will make charging better (13.5 average damage).
    Against ARM 20 +2 STR will make charging better (13.5 average damage).
    Against ARM 21 +3 STR will make charging better (13.5 average damage).
    Against ARM 22 +4 STR will make charging better (14 average damage).
    Against ARM 23 or higher you're always better off casting Molten Metal twice.

    The above examples don't take opportunity cost into account though. The Krielstone aura is army wide so it doesn't cost any extra but the various strength buffs are all fury lost elsewhere. That's fewer attacks/boosting/transfers for your warbeast or warlock. Ditto for Blood Fury. That changes the numbers rather drastically, but it also means you're putting the spell on a solo rather than a unit of 3-15 models. And in many instances you can do more damage by casting Molten Metal twice then charging for a few extra points, especially if you have just the Krielstone aura.

    1. I never mathed it out like that, thank you, I will definitely consider that in the future. My one concern with him double casting molten metal is relying on Fury 4 to hit. Against most against most jacks you will need to boost. Though most of the jacks that reach ARM 23 are def 10 or 11, but not exclusively.

  2. looking forward to this guy, I've always liked Pyres and Slags, but slags are somewhat prohibitively expensive. Nice that he makes them cheaper. The thought of getting two fully boosted Spew Acid shots from the slag is really enticing when going against anything not living

  3. The only thing I wish is the model had his goggles up like in the art work

    1. they may have that option as a head swap à la Vlad3

  4. The only thing I wish is the model had his goggles up like in the art work