01 June 2009

Escalation Tournament in 3 weeks

So our local LGS has decided to start an escalation tournament. Since my Trolls have never played in one of those it was time to figure out what an escalation tournament is exactly.

As defined by Merriam-Webster
ESCALATION: es·ca·la·tion \ˌes-kə-ˈlā-shən, ÷-kyə-\ noun
es·ca·late \ˈes-kə-ˌlāt, ÷-kyə-\
intransitive verb : to increase in extent, volume, number, amount, intensity, or scope.

As defined by Wikipedia
Escalation is the phenomenon of something getting more intense step by step, for example a quarrel, or, notably, military presence and nuclear armament during the Cold War.

So our local leagues rules are going to be as such.

List 1 - 350 Points Magled Metal/Tooth & Claw
Standard Mangled/Metal T&C Rules
Non-Elite Caster
Jacks and Beasts Only
Released Models Only
List 2 - 500 Points - Everything from the 350pt list must be included.
Can add any eligible beast/jack, units, and solos.
List 3 - 750 Points - Everything from the 500pt list must be included.
Epic form of the Caster may substituted.
Can add any eligible beast/jack, units, and solos.

- None

Scenario - Assassination.

Next post will be a rating system for each Troll caster for each level of play and which ones I think are best suited for this tournament. The rating system will be based on three criteria.
2-Play Experience
3-My Own Personal Bias


  1. I mentioned this on John's blog already, I really enjoy the escalating format. The added challenge of building a flexible list can be a lot of fun.

  2. I am excited to hear what you have to say about the tourney. Good luck.