06 June 2009

eDoomy Has Bad Dreams About eDenny... They Come True

Denny kicked eDoomy's but, my heart wasn't in it from the start as I began throwing Champs at him because I forgot to bring Kriel Warrior Fodder. Learned a few things about how to play him though. I will post a full report in the morning. Story Report can be found at McCryxian Domination HERE


  1. Anonymous07 June, 2009

    Cryx is one of the worst match-ups possible for eDoomy.

    Lack of beasts + arcnodes + stealth = bad times for doomy.

    Witchbarbs can also ruin Doomy's day. A caster that ignores free strikes can basically walk around most of Doomshapers protection and just wreck his face.

    In fact Predation on a dire troll (with epic Denny) is all kinds of horrific.

  2. If you'd just remembered to use the ESS to modify the KS to "Don't move me." I wouldn't have had such an easy time making you do what I wanted you to do. I can't wait to read your report. I posted mine today.