10 June 2009

Stryker Suggests Wargames To Madrak In Preparation For The PKA.


Madrak was still very unsure about this recent alliance with Cygnar. In light of what was happening to Grissel he could not understand why one part of Cygnar would fight them while the other part would help him. Either Leto did not have control over all its army or he gave each group more latitude then they should. Of course who was he to talk, his kith were sometimes just as likely to attack each other as they would an enemy.

"Our Warlocks practice against each other in Mock Combat," Madrak suggested to Stryker, "It keeps us sharp and helps us to learn our strengths and weakness." Stryker would have to remind himself that though some of the Trolls were not very smart, some of them were indeed quite intelligent... "We do much the same with our Cygnar armies, what say you to a match then to sharpen our wits," Stryker almost goaded Madrak, "Rowdy grows restless, and I fear without an outlet our armies may decide that the PKA is an enemy to far away." Stryker was hoping to get a better look at the way these Trolls fought on the field. He could easily see that with their technology his ranged attacks would tear apart these Trolls, as they seemed to have very little in the way of ranged weapons and the ones they did have were either old Cygnar guns or crude sticks. "It is time for war then," Madrak grinned to Stryker as he Grabbed Rathrok with both hands and flung it at a nearby Tree, splintering it. As the Axe reappeard in his hands, he grippe
d the Axe haft with both hands flexing. Stryker knew intimidation tactics when he saw them. "Let us work out the rules of our mock fight then," Stryker said as he turned to walk towards his tent. On his way the earth shook under Madrak's feet making him stumble and almost fall...
We played a 500pt Duel in preparation for our upcoming Escalation Tournament. Our terrain looked something like this. Only rough terrain are the rocks in the middle.

My List.
Points: 499
Model Count: 11
Victory Points: 17

Madrak Ironhide Points: 64
Slag Troll Points: 70
Troll Impaler Points: 75
Dire Troll Mauler Points: 111
Fell Caller Points: 35
Trollkin Hero Points: 38
Trollkin Champions [5] Points: 106

His List (I think)
Points: 496
Model Count: 17
Victory Points: 18

Commander Coleman Stryker Points: 64
> Squire Points: 18
> Thorn Points: 93
> Ol' Rowdy Points: 121
Journeyman Warcaster Points: 25
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team [3] Points: 77
Stormguard [9] (3 added) Points: 98

We rolled off and he won and so decided to go first.


Cygnar - He deployed on the top of the map with his B13 behind the Trees, Stormguard, Rowdy, Stryker, Squire in the middle and journeyman on the far left.
Trolls - Its Madrak so I bricked up middle right, Hero on the left flank, Fel Caller on the right, Slag and Imp in back, Mauler left of the Hero and Madrak in the middle.

Turn 1
Cygnar -
He Snipes the B13, they move up into the trees and hit my middle Champ for 4 damage. Yeap shooting 25" or some such nonsense. Stormguard advance up the middle with Rowdy behind them and Stryker behind him with the Squire. Journeyman and Thorn go left.
Trolls - So without gobbers and the KSB I am feeling a little exposed and screwed. I run to my right a little towards the B13 but only about 8", Champs go V-formation Maddy surefooted in the middle with the two lights bringin up the rear. The Mauler stays left runs his full 10" twowards the rocks.

"Let them taste our range boys," Stryker said over his comm to the Black 13th, "they are tougher than most humans, but even they cannot withstand our barrage for long". Without hesitation they moved up and unloaded on Madrak's front lines.

Turn 2

Cygnar - He kills my point Champ, and nails Madrak with the B13, I take 10 damage with one hit and opt to scroll the 14 damage from the next hit instead of pushing it off. His SG run over in front of the trees and Rowdy moves up to countercharge position. Thorn runs up Mauler gets Eartquaked down and he gets hurt decent.
Trolls - Champs run to engage the SG, Mauler does the same to Rowdy after the Fel Caller stands him up. Madrak Surefoots while the Hero blocks the lane to him on the left. Farstrike the Slag and end up with no fury. Slag moves up and hurts Rowdy boosting damage, good hit but Rowdy chooses where it goes. Impaler goes for a slam and misses but the two have Maddy's left flank covered.

Turn 3

Cygnar - Mauler dies a Horrible death to Rowdy and Slag gets near killed as well. He does some CMA on Champs do little. My Slag gets hurt a little. Not much else since he put most his effort into killing the Mauler. He feats giving all his crap +5 armor add in arcane shield to Rowdy and he is ARM 18. The SG are ARM 23.
Trolls - My Fel Caller Tries to charge the far right SG and misses on both hits. The Champs hit alot but only get through the armor on a couple of them. Hero decides to sacrifice himself and charges up to Rowdy's base going after Stryker but misses and can't damage on the backswing. Slag does no damage to Thorn and the Impaler hits for no damage as well. I'd say his feat worked great. Madrak actually tries stonefall in an attempt for a critical, yeah its a pretty good critical against WM... He doesn't get it.

Madrak was impressed by Strykers command of his army, they did not leave him many openings and forced him to react to their movements. Seings his beasts nearly out of the fight he knew he was about about to lose and decided to go for broke. "Champions ready your blades and slice through their lines," Madrak bellowed as he turned to the Hero, "Grissel sends you to me with high praise, show me why she thinks so highly of you and she will hear of your glory directly from me!" The Hero gritted his teeth and set to work on yet another human Warlock.

Turn 4
Cygnar -
He CMA's the Champs again nearly killing the one blocking los to Madrak. Rowdy the Journeyman and Thorn kill the Slag and leave the Imp with 1 wound left. The B13 have to move and end up missing a few on Madrak leaving him with 5 health. Stryker tries to kill the Hero along with one of the B13 but the only do 5 damage. What good is retalitory strike when the dude hitting you can use ranged attacks in melee?
Trolls - Knowing I am dead I decide to go for it, Madrak moves up to the Champs uses Guided Hand on the Champs and the Hero then feats, the Champs Crusher all remaining stormguard, the last Champ gets the B13 dude engaging the Hero and takes a couple swings at Stryker doing a little damage. The Fel Caller WarCrys the Hero then Hero then takes a shot at Stryker hitting him for 10 damage, his backswing also hits delivering the killing blow. Gooo Hero.

As much as it pained Stryker to see his army lose even when his opponent seemed to be ready to fall apart he had to give Madrak praise. It appeared that this Troll was indeed worthy of Leto's friendship, pity it had gone they way it did for a full fledge alliance with the Trolls could strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and bring peace to the Trollbloods and Cygnar. It was wishful thinking of course but hopefully the good they did here would count for something against Cygnar's current relationship with the Trolls. His voice crackled accross the comm to his army, "well fought, luck is on thier side today, with them the PKA stands no chance... now reset we go again at 1800 hours," Stryker smiled to himself as he planned to take on Madrak again.

Synopsis - He had me on the ropes right from the start and did a great job of taking out my crap without me being able to do much about it. Surefoot and Champs in Melee will always be amazing unless MKII kills it. One more turn would have had me dead no matter what so I went for the kill and got lucky. I almost always forget how good Crusher is until I use it, and no I don't use it every game, the oppotunity doesn't always present itself.

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