22 January 2010

MKII Homebrew League Standouts.

It's midseason here in Phoenix Games Homebrew League and we have some good looking standouts at the moment.

Brian Cygnar started slow with a painful loss but has picked up the pace.  Last week in the brawl after barely escaping with his life Caine finally scared Grim away.  When he was done with that the other five in the brawl had reduced themselves to just Mortenebra with whom Caine had no problems dealing with.   This week Brian pulls out another victory and scores a bond with the Lancer, who needs Thorn when you have a cheaper Thorn... I mean Lancer.

Cryx Mike has also been doing well but is getting outshone just a little by Khador Dustin.  Mike cleared the board in his brawl only to be mercilessly put down by Dustin at the end of the game.  Dustin's Khador on the other hand taking a big win last week in the brawl almost got taken to school by Blah and his Trolls, only to pull a victory from the clutches of defeat by killing Doomshaper.

McCryx started big in his first game grabbing the special objective and winning handily only to go down in flames in the brawl the next week dieing after only taking a single turn.  He paid Mike back for that last night with a sidestep and a pirouette by the Deathstalker to wreck Mike's night.

Menoth Jon has, as always had solid performances.  Those stinking flamers just wont die.  I coun't him as the sleeper in this League as he has consistently been near the top.  That and his second unit of Bastions are hitting the table.

KhadorAdam was a late comer in the League and has had a slow start.  He is looking to boost his wins and his ego by teaming up with McCryx in next weeks Teams Game.

The rest of us will have to beat some face next week in the teams game and claw our way back ahead of our leaders.

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  1. Nice recap, but shane (mercs) killed Moretenebra with the commodore cannon. I ran Grim off of the table, then turned to Skarre and ran her off the table.

    Not that it matters, Cygnar still wins!