31 January 2010

Borka MKII Game Experience

This post was copied from Sevall at the PP forums HERE, his reference to posting should be done on the PP forums.

Post your thoughts based from in game experiences here. Lets make a nice repository of informed comments. There is a place for theorymachine, but with all the emotions we should really have a place dedicated to actual gaming knowledge.

Played two games with the following 50 point list.

10 Fennblades
10 Bushwhackers
5 Champs
6 Kriels + UA

Brilliant! Iron Flesh really does push out DEF up to really good levels, especially with our nice ARM. Champs under this return to thier former glory, but this time at higher ARM. Wind Wall is wonderful, forcing opponents to deal with a DEF 14 ARM 19 melee caster face to face (and thats without any buffs). Mosh pit got a tiny bit more expensive, but Top Up got better, and frankly where it costs 2 or 3, when you need to cast it its worth casting regardless.

The main problem is the feat. Unless you get the charge, you really don't have a feat. It also doesn't synergize at all with Iron Flesh. Its just wonky. Take things with already big threat ranges (cav, Fennblades) so that you can get the first charge. You might want to take a bunch of champs, but as a front line unit they can still get outcharged by SPD 6 reach units, even under the feat.

Keggy's new Top Up is gold. 2 Fury is a big deal, no KD is a big deal, and the random movement will save your life on occassion (though it could lose you the game on occasion too, so be careful). Pary Foul is a real possible problem though, in that with all of clumping Berzerk is a problem. In some ways it encourages people to kill Keggy, so be careful, and try to keep him in Wind wall.

All in all, solid as a rock (if not top of the line) and more importantly fun too.

Yes! They are sufficiently different from our other units to have a role. The 11" threat range is golden in a slow army, and with Vengeance you increase that range whenever you get shot. Which is nice. Also, that free attack is pretty cool. Try to buff up thier survivability (Iron Flesh, Chronicler) so that your opponent fails to kill as many as he would like, leaving them ready to make two attacks next turn.

They have replaced Kriel Warriors as my go to infantry unit.

The 2" range is a big buff. Its so much easier to get now, and with it the SPD bonus and ARM bonus. With the nerf to the axer its one of the only ways to up the warcasters movement, so it also gained in the lost abilities of others.

Warcasters/Warlocks still get effected by Hero's tragedy, so its really still just fine, even though it was fun to see pygs take down jacks with thier lasst breaths. Still highly, highly worth taking. Combines well with Iron Flesh, obviously.

Thats all for now. I will be posting reports from Templecon here as well.

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