03 January 2010

Point Of Order

This post is more a request for discussion/clarification than a proper Thought.

When he was introducing me, our gracious host thegreatblah said:

"I have always thought Cryx to be the army that is most like Trolls, though many will say it is Menoth or Khador."

I'd be interested in knowing more about the thought process behind this idea. I can certainly see parallels - both factions have a definite close-range tilt and are somewhat light on the conventional ranged attacks, although I'd argue that Trollbloods have access to more 'standards' (that's 'standard' in the sense that 'House of the Rising Sun' is a 'standard' song, appearing in the repertoire of many performers) in this field than Cryx, or at least more pieces which are taken because they have a ranged attack. Both factions punish you for engaging them - Trollbloods by hitting you back, harder, and Cryx by getting back up or walking through whatever just engaged them to get at the squashy bits behind.

I'd still be interested to know where else this came from, though.

1 comment:

  1. I think you can sum up Cryx playstyle with just a few key tactics. At least this is how I'd play Cryx and its how I approach my Troll army.

    1-What key support models can I kill right away?
    2-What models can I use to pose a threat to them AND to draw them out getting them out of position? Usually this includes sacrificing said model.
    3-How can I open up a lane to their caster to kill it?

    Thats pretty much it. That and the fact that Trolls and Cryx are most certainly melee armies with a little ranged support. A good Cryx player will threaten you with something expendable and make you pay for it for killing them or not. Troll players tend to try and keep everything alive and don't like to sacrifice models to win.

    I've been promising a more in depth article about it for a while now. Someday I'll get to it