05 May 2010

Awesome Armies ~ Grim Angus by Theummhmmguy

So this list I have been tinkering with is different, but I have found it to be simply amazing at going in for the kill.  Grim Angus and his pair of Earthborn Dire Trolls that I have named Cannonball and Grapeshot.  The idea with this list is simple, send in your Earthborns to take em out.   Ideally I play this list at 25pts, and though I don't intend my 25pt list to be Tooth & Claw... it is, but when I extend to 35 I throw in a little ranged and call it good.  Before I get too far into it here is the list;

Grim Angus (*6pts)
* Troll Axer (6pts)
* Troll Impaler (5pts)
* Earthborn Dire Troll (10pts)
* Earthborn Dire Troll (10pts)
Pyg Bushwackers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Stone Scibe Chronicler (2pts)

I often find that I want a damage buff on the Earthborn's instead and will swap the Axer for the Slag Troll.  More often than not however, the extra 2" of movement is worth much more.  Another Change I often make is swapping the Chronicler for Alten Ashley, mainly because with Farstrike RAT 8 and POW 12 means annoying solos won't be so annoying.

Here is the playstyle I go for with this list.  Pretty much find some terrain, preferably a forest, and stick close enough to it to gain the benefits from the EBDT animus (which happens to be his natural ability).   Shoot whatever targets of opportunity Grim can find and/or try to create an opening.  Then send in the Earthborns.

Grim - of course his ability to shoot pretty much whatever he wants.
Cross Country - most of the list does not need pathfinder, most of the list benefits greatly from Hunter
With Headhunter, the Axer animus, and terrain the EBDTs charge 14" and forests don't block los. 
2xEarthborns - Why two?  Because sometimes you need one you can throw away.  Mostly though the first one dies horribly, his job his to neutralize hard targets and help clear a lane.  The second one is the Warlock killer.

Weaknesses -
Low model count.  Not having masses of our medium based infantry as fodder is a huge liability.  It's negated by not having them block los.
Medium based infantry - if your opponent brings a lot of medium based infantry your EBDT's will find it hard to get their killing solution.
Lack of Terrain/specifically a forest.  

Near Terrain everyone on the front line with the EBDTs about 5" away from Grim on either side.
Turn 1 
Cross country the Pygs if needed.  Use Grim to put the EBDT animus on the light beasts if needed/useful.  Farstrike yourself and kill something if you can.  Get your Battlegroup to beneficial terrain.  Try to keep the EBDT's spread out to avoid clumping.  The Impaler is there for Grim to use his animus and to transfer to.  The Axer is there to use his animus on the EBDTs and as an insurance policy if the EBDTS fail.  Chronicler is the Pyg UA, use him to give them more DEF from ranged attacks.  Make sure the Pygs are far enough apart to deter AOE's usefulness.

Turn 2
If you don't have a lane its time to start making one.  Use the first EBDT to take out their heavy hitter if they have one or at the very least tie them up.  With our speed there is very few things in the game that can get to us before we can get to them.  Use Grim the Pygs and the Impaler to dig a hole to their caster if you can... if not then kill the highest priority targets you can get to.  Its okay to max out the EBDT that charged off... you expect him to die or continue to tieing up whatever he is up to anyway.  If your opponent moved up too far Grim will feat and the EBDTs will kill their caster, if not then you will probably do that on turn 3. Remeber to trample with the EBDT if you need to.

Turn 3
Use whatever Pygs and the Impaler to continue digging out a lane to their caster.  Grim will probably feat, if you get your shot to their caster Grim will probably shoot it.  Use Grim to put Rush on the remaining EBDT and send him in.  Again max out the EBDT if you need to, you plan on him dieing if you fail to get to their caster.  If you don't kill them and survive Turn 3, then your last resort is the Impaler and Axer on Turn 4 and Grim himself.

Its pretty straightforward and suprisingly difficult to prevent.

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  1. This list looks awesome. If you were playing it at 25 pts would you drop the scattergunners or an EBDT?

    Also what's your thoughts on swapping an EBDT for a Bomber at 25pts for infantry clearing?

    I've just found this site - are there any forums you can join?

    Cheers guys!