25 May 2010

Awesome Armies ~ Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia by Just Cabal

So here it is, our final installment of Awesome Armies.  Just Cabal was nice enough to put together his version of the eDoomshaper list he likes to run.  Included on the left is a poll about the Five armies contributed.  Which do you folks like the best... you can vote for multiples if you like.

(E) Hoarluk Doomshaper +6
Earthborn Dire Troll - 10
Dire Troll Mauler - 9
Krielstone Bearer (full) - 4
- Stone Scribe Elder - 1
Trollkin Champions - 10
Troll Whelps - 2
Troll Whelps - 2
Trollkin Champion Hero - 3

Total 35 Pts

One of the most common tactics i use with this list is to cast Wild Aggression on the Earthborn along with the Maulers animus and watch him trample from 8 - 13" depending on wether or not he is standing next to difficult terrain and i have used Doomshapers feat..

It always seems to come as a suprise to people to see the Earthborn trampling that far just to turn around with goat and go hit the squishy Warlock/Warcaster a few extra times!  I like spawning whelps for my Earthborn to snack on if he gets damaged by any free strikes during these hero tramples.. ensures being able to use all aspects when goading him towards any Warlock/Warcasters..

Another fun thing is having the Champions stand in a half circle around the Hero when advancing and when you reach the enemy lines having the Hero charge out of the Champion circle with the Maulers animus on and most likely destroy any infantry front line..

I usually set up my two Heavy Beasts covering one half of the table along with Doomshaper and one unit of Whelps..

The second unit of Whelps i always keep off the table..

The Champions and the Krielstone will be placed so they can cover the other half of the table.  Usually with the Champions making a halfcircle around the Hero to protect him as much as they can..

I like placing my Stone Scribe Elder as far behind the main unit as i possibly can so he is less likely to be taken out by any ranged threats..

Of course if the opponent fields something like a totem hunter or the likes then the Elder usually decides its a much idea to go hang out with the other Stone Scribes and play some scrabble while everyone does the old axe to mouth!

Main goal of this list is to suprise the opponent with long range charges and tramples from the Earthborn and the Mauler.. preferably towards the enemy Warcaster/Warlock so i can goad and hopefully get a kill..
The Earthborn is the main threat when trying to get a trample kill so the Maulers objective is usually to throw any Jacks/Warbeasts or Heavy Infantry out of the way to let the earthborn move further ahead..

The Champions usually move as fast towards any big blocks of infantry as they can.. If there isn't anything trying to push the Champions back then they are flank around and try to push the enemy Warcaster/Warlock towards the earthborn.. again setting up that trample kill..

So far this list has done really well for me.. It has abit of trouble dealing with medium and large based armies as it often prevents the trample strategy but usually it can just smash its way through things instead then.. a little primitive strategy but it never gets old! People just dont often see that 13" trample coming so think themselves safe and that really helps this list work so well..

I have considered getting an Axer inthere to boost the trample even more but i do like having the extra 3 strength but it isnt always neccesary..

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