07 May 2010

Awesome Armies ~ Madrak Ironhide, World Ender by Sevwall

I'm competative. I want to win. When I really want to win, I turn to this list. Its fast, its mean, and it tries to remove any good answer that your opponent has. It’s geared towards in your face aggression and centered in the fact that any model in the army has a decent chance of killing anything on the opposite side of the table. MadrakII may be fated to end the world, but he’s going to end the opposition first. As it is meant to be a tournament list, it is build for the 35 point level.

Madrak, World Ender (*5pts)
* Troll Axer (6pts)
* Mulg the Ancient (12pts)
Pyg Burrowers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Fennblades (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Stone Scibe Chronicler (2pts)
Fellcaller Hero (3pts)
Totem Hunter (3pts)

There is some leeway here with the beasts and solos. Mulg can be switched for a Mauler, and if you also remove the totem hunter that leaves you with 6 points to play with. You could also change the Fennblades into Warriors, which I have done and succeeded with.

Its pretty straightforward. You blitz headfirst at the enemy, burrowers going undergroud at the earliest opportunity. On the turn they pop up, you buff them beyond all reason, hit the enemy where it hurts, and then clean up with weaponsmaster fennblades and some surgical application of a P+S 19 tree trunk.

*Anti-ARM: Blood Fury means anything in this army can kill a heavy, especially the fennblades and burrowers. Even the totem hunter is a serious threat to his prey when he’s a MAT 10 P+S 16 weapons master
*Threat Range: Burrowers can cross astonishing distances underground, fennblades are the fastest infantry we have, Mulg and the Axer can get silly far down the table with Rush and Warpath, and the Totem Hunter is hell on wheels.
*Unstoppable: Burrowers cannot be killed while underground, essentially guaranteeing the charge.
*Anti-Assassination: Grim Salvation means its much harder to remove MadrakII from the table. Beware of spells, as they bypass Grim Salvation.

*High DEF: While Warcryed Fennblades, Mulg and the axer are no slouch, if you run up against Iron Flesh or other ways of surpassing DEF 15 you are going to have a lot of missed attack rolls coming your way
*Ranged Attacks: This list possesses an astounding 2 ranged attacks, neither above RNG 8. While it is resistant to ranged attacks, a ranged heavy lists will have at least a turn of free shooting.
*I can’t move!: Board control is a serious problem. SPD reducing spells and feats, as well as covering fire templates will make life very difficult for you.

Burrowers as far forward as possible (unless they are clearly going to get shot by something like sniped trenchers or other silliness). Madrak on the front line surrounded by fennblades. Mulg to one side, axer to the other. Totem hunter wherever the forest is, or wherever the prey is. Set the fellcaller and chronicler in the back, and by all means keep them away from the front lines if at all possible. The totem hunter should pick the most threatening prey, prefereably a beast/jack/multiwound, and beeline for them. He is assumed to be killing them/being where he is needed, and will not be mentioned again.

Turn 1

Pygs burrow. Even if you go first. They can charge up to 6” away from the enemy deployment zone, and if your enemy hangs that far back, you are already winning. Madrak casts Blood Frenzy on the Totem Hunter or Fennblades as appropriate and casts warpath if you feel safe enough to be furyless. Beasts run forward, Fennblades run forward, with 3 or 4 near Madrak for safety. Do not block Madrak behind the blades.

Turn 2
The big one. Burrowers pop up to prime charge position. You then War Cry them, and apply whatever Chronicler story you feel is appropriate, likely KD-upon-death, which will make them an even greater pain in the *** next turn. If the enemy has jammed the zone the burrowers will pop up in with models, Madrak can move forward, cast Blood Frenzy and pop his feat. This allows the burrowers to clear their own zone with MAT 6 weaponsmaster POW 14’s. They then get to charge. Always attack with the POW 8’s first, because they are the only attack that can receive the charge die. Try to go for maximum carnage, killing whatever looks the scariest. This will trigger warpath, which may allow you to get Mulg or the Axer into enemy lines, but don’t jump the gun. Fennblades charge if possible, but otherwise get into position to clean up the following turn.

Turn 3
Clean up. Your burrowers will likely be decimated, but if they are still around you can decide whether to attack with them (game is going to end this turn) or burrow them (game will not end this turn). Send in the blades and Mulg. If turn 2 went well, it should be easy at this point. If not, well, plan’s aren’t going to help, and you are going to have to pull this one out on your own.

The beauty of it is that people will see it coming, and still be forced to react to the burrowers, because they cannot kill them once burrowed. You will often see your opponent afraid to move forward, taking time to think it out, which in a timed tournament is pure gold. Its also a complete blast to play. When you see 5 burrowers break Molik Karn in half, you will feel incredibly dirty but be instantly addicted.


  1. "Madrak can move forward, cast Blood Frenzy and pop his feat. This allows the burrowers to clear their own zone with MAT 6 weaponsmaster POW 14’s"

    just a comment here.. this doesnt work as point blank states they can only user their guns for melee attacks during their activation.

  2. Me gusta este ejercito y lo he probado en varias oportunidades. Solo hice una pequeña modificación de modelo, cambié al Chronicler por un minion de 2 puntos "Viktor Pendrake". Creo que su acción especial "Beast Lore" es fundamental para usar con los burrowers ya que le da el ataque boosted. Cabe aclarar que el ataque es solo contra bestias.
    Me gusta usar la orden con los burrowers primero. En el siguiente turno muevo el solo y aplico "Beast Lore" luego muevo el warlock y aplico "Blood Fury" y lanzo el feat. Los burrowers sin avanzar ganan el +2 y disparan, luego activo a ellos normalmente y vuelven a disparar, siempre con RAT 6, weaponmaster 14's y boosted.