19 June 2010

What to do when your plan rolls a double 1

I'm sure we have all been in the situation where you miss that critical double handed throw or your Mauler looses his Mind aspect due to free strikes on that all important trample.Dealing with that situation can be hard in some cases so here is how i usually handle it.

First thing to do is take a step back and not panic! It is incredibly easy to enter a state of panic when you see that Trample distance die just tip over onto the one eyed side.  This is perfectly natural, your plan failed and your in a bad spot,  but to make sure you dont do something hasty and loose the game, its so very important to just take a step back from the table and let that feeling of panic pass.

Now that you have controlled your urge to rip out your hair and personally double handed throw your Mauler across the room you can start to get a picture of how to salvage your plan. Take a look at how everything is placed, considering a best case scenario can you still make your original plan work next turn ? If so then you now have a clear direction and can start to set everything up for the coming turn. If you can't then try and form a new strategy, maybe you can trample to his Warcaster/Warlock from an odd direction, possibly slam a Warjack/Warbeast into something important. Keep your mind open to the rest of the models in your army, there might be an extra oppertunity to watch the stars align and kill  your opponents hopes for a grand celebration dinner that night. After that you gotta take a look at whats the biggest threat on the board from your opponent, will he charge your Warlock ? Will he wreck your Warbeasts or demolish your infantry line like a Zealot who accidently threw his bomb into the middle of his unit ?  Then try and move extra troops over there or cover them with any protective buff you might have laying around.  It's important to make sure that even if you can implement your strategy next turn that you won't die to something while waiting. This all sounds very easy on paper but occasionally it can be hard to figure out who will be sacrificed to the ravenous hordes of your opponents machine of destruction.

I like using Whelps to stop charge lanes and to ensure its harder to hit my Warlock, the minus one to attack roll to any living model within one inch of the Whelp is very helpful. Stone scribes are very useful aswer, you generally dont use them to actually kill something and win you the game and if you are in this situation then you are most likely going to eat a slice of humble pie if you dont close the deal next turn anyway, so you can  afford to sacrifice a few of them even tho it means your Protective Aura will be less effective.  If you have them then a bunch of Kriel Warriors with the Chroniclers Hero's Tragedy buff on them make excellent screening troops since They can receive the plus two speed buff from the Unit Leader and can then run fourteen inches wich should be enough to cover most charge lanes and angles of attack.

I hope this will be useful to some of you and always remember. If everything else fails, Tough might save your day!

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