23 June 2011

Greetings to all on the scrum. I am here to officially introduce myself. On the Forums I am now, Sephiroths_Khador. I have been recruited by The Great Blah and Goris to be a correspondent on the Khador Faction. My posts will consist of tactics and overviews of Khador, but especially how Khador interacts with the Trollbloods.

I guess that the first thing I should talk about is Harkovich and Black Ivan. Harkovich is a beast. Our local Merc players says that he is a better Broadside Bart than Broadside Bart is. When you have two destroyers and Black Ivan, the broadside spell is a brutal volley of range 14 pow 14 goodness. Combine that with his feat Iron Wolf. Your battlegroup (remember battlegroup) charge and slam for free, and if they are in Harks control when the charge or slam, they get a free shot that doesnt count towards its RoF.

Hark himself is a bruiser in melee. Mat 7, pow 14 with beatback and crit stagger. Stagger makes them forfiet ALL of their initial attacks. Plus he has a range 12 pow 12 hand cannon.

Black Ivan
He is in essence a destroyer. He has one more MAT/RAT, and 12 DEF. His biggest difference is a big claw instead of destroyer's classic axe. His claw is a POW 16 with Critical Brutal Damage, oh and it counts as an open fist. He has dodge, which lets him move two inches if you shoot at him and miss. But Ivan's big thing is his Affininty. Naturally its with Harkovich. ALL of Ivan's ranged attacks are boosted while he is in Harks Control.
Well thats all the technical stuff on Khador's new Caster and Character Jack. For all the details check out Wrath.

And thats Sephiroths_Khador signing out.
(oh and btw, Khador is getting an armor 25 bomber.)

Too bad it'll be rat 4 and Innacurate! Zing! - Goris

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  1. Anonymous29 June, 2011

    Reading this got me thinking S_K. We need to have a Harkevich vs. Broadside Bart game to see who really is better!