16 June 2011

Geek, Nerd, Dork

I had a very interesting lunch with my wife's friend yesterday that included some interesting discussions about what kinds of person a gamer is.  According to her husband all gamers fit into three general categories; Geek, Nerd, Dork.  His point of view got me thinking of which one of those I fit into, obviously my opinion of myself is much greater than others opinion of myself.  It came down to the realization that maybe the fit is a little bit in between so I'll let you all judge for yourselves about his ideas and if you have the intestinal fortiutue you can even put yourself in the poll.

GEEK ~ A geek is a quintessential gamer.  The Geek has two main qualities that define most gamers. 

First of all the Geek loves to play games.  He does not care if the game itself might not be mainstream he simply wants to play.  The Geek succeeds at most games he plays and on a technical level becomes the master of those games.  On a technical level the Geek is good, very good, and picks up on the subtle nuances of complicated games and remembers details at a point far above a 'non-gamer'. 

Secondly is what sets the Geek apart from other gamers.  Socially, the Geek is fairly well adjusted.  He gets along well with non-gamers and is not afraid of who and what he is.  Even though the Geek has a good change of beating the shorts off you when you play him, you still find yourself enjoying playing against them.  So called 'normal' people enjoy the Geek just as much as gamers do.  They are leaders of the gaming world and help drive themselves and their groups to a higher level.

NERD ~ The nerd only lacks one thing of the geek.  Socially the nerd is just a little off, he just doesn't quite interact with others in the best way.  Don't let this deficiency fool you though, what the Nerd lacks socially he makes up for Technically.  Because he spends less time on the social interaction the Nerd is the Technical Expert in the game.  He knows all the rules forwards and backwards and can get so caught up in the strategy and rules of the game that he sometimes forgets the effect he has on his opponents as he smashes them into the ground.  The Geek can give the Nerd a run for his money but the Nerd is the one wins the tournaments.  Sometimes the Nerd gets so immersed into their respective games that they get accused of being rules lawyers.  Most of the time a Nerd will do just fine in games but come tourney time all bets are off, the Nerd is bringing his A game and because of his over the top Technical ability he will most likely send you home crying for your mommy.

DORK ~ The Dork is the bottom of the pile in the gaming world.  What the Dork has is a glorious absence of the technical expertise enjoyed by Nerds and the Social saavy of Geeks.  The Dork is exuberant in his enjoyment of the games and can always be found intermingled with the Geeks and Nerds.  The Dork really wants to be with it and may even think he is a Geek or a Nerd, sadly without the defining characteristics of the Nerd and Geek he is left with being the 'third wheel' of the gaming society.  What the Dork brings to the table is the fact that he is willing to play, no matter his lack of understanding or his social ability to fit in he will always be there for a game.  The Dork is always willing and usually able, the question is do the Nerds and Geeks have the stamina to play against the.

So there it is.  His definition of Geek, Nerd, Dork.  Where do you fit in?

Stay tuned for picture upon picture from Lock and Load.  That and Borka's untimely demise at the hands of Gunnbjorn.


  1. I think this is pretty much the accepted standard:


  2. Maybe your wife's friend doesn't understand that gaming is main stream now and he/she's the loser.