06 June 2011

Lock and Load List 1 - thegreatblah

Since I'm not certain how well I'll do AND since I'm certain it won't change what others bring I have decided to post my tourney lists for Lock and Load.  My first list is pretty simple all comers list designed to be well rounded without losing a good kill condition.  The first caster I chose is the caster I have played the most with in MKII and am the most comfortable with, Grim Angus.

Standard Army
PCs: 50 / 50
31 models

[00] Grim Angus (0 / 6 WB)
[10]  >> Earthborn Dire Troll
[10]  >> Dire Troll Bomber
[06]  >> Troll Axer
[05]  >> Troll Impaler
[03] Fell Caller Hero
[02] Stone Scribe Chronicler
[04] Kriel Warriors (5 grunts)
[02]  >> Kriel Warrior Standard & Piper
[03]  >> Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower (3 Caber Throwers)
[08] Pyg Bushwhackers (9 grunts)
[02] Alten Ashley
[01] Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

This list has two major elements which is the Ranged and Melee elements.

Battlegroup ~ The battlegroup is evenly divided into two groups.  The Impaler, Bomber both have fantastic ranged attacks and with Farstrike they have decent range and give Grim a nice buffer once enemies start to close in.  Four inch AOE's with fantastic POW combined with some Crit slam means these two together are a nasty combo. The Axer and Earthborn both work well with Rush and terrain to make for nice melee missiles heading into enemies from anywhereThey will be getting first strike or I have messed up bad.   The one thing to remember with this battlegroup is that is can run a little hot for Grim, That is usually okay since I don't mind sending a beast off to die if I need to.

Tarpit ~ My Kriels of course fill this role, that and I have a unnatural love for Cabers.  The Chronicler is there to support them until they start dieing then he will move to the Bushies.  There is always the consideration to drop a two point solo (probably Alten) and go for a full unit of Kriels instead.  With Steady, Prayers and Cabers along with some good stories and the occasional fel call  they get a little nuts.  I really do think I'll drop Alten in favor of a full unit, though that has yet to be determined.

Ranged Support ~ Bushwackers.  Now lets face it, lots of people just don't bring these guys but I find them to be fantastic.  With Kriels rushing up the board these guys do a decent job of flank denial.  Even though more of them will die then my opponents ranged elements they will do a decent job of getting killed while taking fire away from my more important models.  Like the Fel Caller or Grim.

Alten Ashley I am torn on, his ranged attack with farstrike is downright fantastic.  Even though he doesn't see harder targets and even if he isnt attacking a beast he can often pull off  a RAT10 attack from 18" away.  It's good folks.  Problem is his inclusion means I have four less Kriel Warriors to help keep the Cabers alive to deliver their punch.

Unit Support ~ Fel Caller and Chronicler.  These two will do their best to help the units stay alive a little longer and get where they need to be a little easier.  That and the Fel Caller is surprisingly better than opponents give him credit for since they expect him to play support the whole game.

Swamp Gobbers ~ They are here for one reason only.  I need a 1pt something to fill out the list and I like them more than the feralgeist.   There is the other option here to drop them and a caber to fill out the Kriels but I run into the issue of why drop a caber to add four Kriels to a unit that delivers cabers?

Strategy ~ With this list I fell a little short on infantry so I will be continually looking for ways to thin my opponents ranks as quickly as possible.  The idea is of course to get the Kriels up the board quickly while positioning the beasts for delivery.  If a gap opens I will rocked the Axer and Earthborn as necessary to take out a hard target.  After that if they live then they are well past the expected board time.  Also at this point there will likely be a feat involved to try and reduce my opponents first strike ability to help me get some Cabers into the mix... that and help the Bushwackers hit with smaller CRAs.   The backup wave is the Bomber and Impaler, if my feat is timed correctly they will have room to move up into the mix hopefully going for important targets or just clearing the board.  With the whole list I'll always be on the lookout for a good shot at their caster, winning by scenario will always be a priority but not at the expense of winning the game by caster kill.

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  1. Anonymous07 June, 2011

    Ugh, Grim Angus gives me fits! Nice list.