15 August 2011

Dire Brackets Round 1 Update

Results have began rolling in and games have been tight.  Small upsets and business as usual here are the first of the results.

pDoomy vs Grissel - Grissel survives a full round of sprays and a few wacks from pDoomy's staff to take the win in a 50 point Killbox game.
Gunnbjorn vs pMadrak - Gunnbjorn throws pMadrak all around for a grueling grinding win also in a 50point Killbox game
Calandra vs Jarl Skuld - Jarl's Champs were confused and Befuddled enough to help Calandra eek out a victory in a 35point Incursion Matchup.

Remaning Round 1 games should be completed this week... GAME ON!!!

Battle Reports and more games to come this week.

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