02 August 2011

Dire Brackets - BakaRyu

So the warlocks for the Dire Bracket tournament have been decided and allocated to the scrummers, I have found myself given...... Captain Gunnbjorn!

While at first admittedly I felt a little underwhelmed at who might possibly be my second least played warlock (after Grim who I have never even purchased) I have had a little bit of time to soak it up and think about my first matchup for the tournament, against pMadrak (one of my most played warlocks).
When he first came out I tried a lot to try to make Gunnbjorn work but could never really seem to pull it off, for scenarios he never worked because you used all your range options to clear the enemy off the objectives but rarely took any melee options yourself to then occupy the objectives yourself. As a gunline caster for killbox he is pretty good, but objective driven scenarios see him struggle somewhat.

I have since stewed over a couple of ideas for Gunnbjorn, and I think I have struck gold with a list that can combine both melee proficiency and ranged threat. What remains to be seen right now is if it can do the business in an actual game, I have still yet to get any practice on Vassal and so far have only been able to dabble with it offline, but I hope to get the opportunity to get a test game or two in over the course of this week so that I don't make any obvious mistakes that I normally wouldn't do on the tabletop.

Without further ado, I am going to show my hand straight away and throw down the gauntlet - the all comers Gunnbjorn list that I will use to try to take this tournament! Will others respond to my challenge and post their list in advance too? Perhaps, I think a little bit of rivalry and smack talk is always good before a tournament and hopefully this will get it going a little bit.

Gunnbjorn (-5)
> Bomber (10)
> Winter Troll (5)
> Winter Troll (5)
> Winter Troll (5)
Max Fennblades (8)
> Officer and Drummer (2)
Max Champions (10)
> Skaldi Bonehammer (3)
Champion Hero (3)
Fell Caller Hero (3)
Swamp Gobbers (1)

Now I know at first blush a lot of people will look at this list and won't see what they would expect in a typical Gunnbjorn list. It is primarily melee focused and doesn't have most of the usual suspects that one would come to expect in his battlegroup. Not only that it has winter trolls, three of them!

I look forward to seeing which of the other scribes will take up my challenge and post up their lists as well!

Get your bracket by downloading the excel file HERE

1 comment:

  1. Well BakaRyu it looks like its you and me round one. :)

    I Still have to come up with an exact list but I plan on bringing the pain! And you can bet I'll have a nice big brick for you to shoot at.