27 August 2011

"Hell, It's About Time..."

Guess who just got a new camera so that he can take pictures of painting projects? Yeah, that's right, I did. So are you ready for the final product of the Kiltlifter? I hope you are, and I do apologize again for being late on this post. I tried to take pictures with the phone, but it wouldn't let me transfer pictures to my computer or to my facebook even! I have been saving my funds for a while now, and finally bought my new camera a yesterday. I am excited to be blogging and taking pictures again.

There will be changes to how I will blog painting projects, and I will go into that a little later. When I first started painting the model, I had no idea that it was going to be so daunting. I buckled down, and just started painting away. Cool ideas were flowing as I painted, and I am really excited to show you the final product today. The last thing I noticed on the model was the mercenary pendant on the Kilt itself. I never noticed that before, until the end of the project. Now for the moment you have all been waiting for! I will unveil the awesomeness that is the Kiltlifter!

The Kiltlifter

The most fun part of this model was painting the tartan pattern for the kilt. I had several ideas of how I wanted to paint it, but just couldn't settle on one. So I happily chose the base color to be purple and the counter-color to be red. It turned out really well, especially with the yellow lines. The most difficult part for me was following the flow of the kilt. I won't go into too much detail of what went into the final stages, however. It would take a long time to write out the details, and would just be a wall of text. This has been a great experience for me, and I hope to do more projects in the future.

The future of Sid's Paint Posts
I mentioned before that there were going to be changes to how I will be doing post for the painting section, and it will make things a lot easier for me to do them. The reason being is that I will be starting school soon, and I will not have a lot of time like I did in the summer. I will, fortunately, still be doing the painting service, and I am eager to paint your models and showcase them on the Scrum! That leads into what I need to discuss next.
Every Saturday, I will be posting on the Scrum of whatever I am currently working on. Whether it be my own Khador or troll models, or one of your amazing models no matter the faction. I am always looking for new challenges for my brushes to sink into. I can't give an exact time on Saturday when it will be up, but for sure it will be a Saturday. I will let you know if I can't make a post on that day as soon as possible.
Thanks guys, for all your continued support of the Scrum, and I will see you all next week, when begin my attempt to paint the entirety of my Khador army. I will do it one unit, one 'jack, one caster, and one solo at a time. I have over a hundred models to paint, so wish me luck. The first unit that will be showcased is a maximum unit of Man-o-War Shocktroopers. Also, I have been commissioned to paint TheGreatBlah's unit of Trollkin Sluggers and they will also be showcased with WIP pictures. Cheers!