03 July 2012

Dire Troll Smasher ~ Revisited

"As the huge beast smashed our Lancer to bits, the Pygmy on it's back laughed maniacally while lobbing grenades into our trench. When the smoke cleared all that was left of our journeyman was his boots." ~Cygnar Trencher Commando

Dire Troll Smasher
Trollblood Heavy Warbeast

Fury 4
Threshold 9
Wounds (Same as Bomber - 28)
PC 10

Shield-R ARM POW 3 P+S 15
Shield-L ARM POW 3 P+S 15
Armored Shell: This model cannot benefit from the armor of a shield in which it made attacks with during its activation for one round.

Pyg Grenadier (Picture a Pyg Ace but with a Grenade Launching Cannon)
RNG 10 ROF 1 POW 13 AOE 3 Virtuoso
This AOE remains in play as a Crater Field AOE (see below)

*Crater Field- This model can forfeit it's normal attacks to place d3+1 3" AOE's completely within the Base RNG of this Weapon. These AOE's remain in play as rough terrain for one round. Enemy model's ending their movement within or moving through Crater's suffer a POW 10 damage roll.

Target model gains Dig In


-Defensive posture - This model can forfeit it's normal movement to take a defensive posture. When in Defensive posture, this model and friendly faction models in base to base with this model gain, Brace for Impact & Hard.

As the disparate Kriel utilize Dire Trolls in combat some show a greater temperament for wielding weapons, armor, and letting Pygmies ride them into combat. As fighting increases some rare and experienced Blitzers have been adapted to carry large shields into battle. Veteren Pyg Aces have been able to utilize these heavily armored Dire Trolls by modifying their own Sluggers to Launch small Grenade Canister's. They have started calling their modified Blitzer's by a new name, the Smasher.

While a Dire Troll Smasher may seem mild by Dire Troll standards they have the unique ability to move up the field taking tremendous amounts of damage and enemy fire along the way providing defensive cover for any Trollblood nearby. A Smasher can quickly gouge large furrows into the ground with it's gigantic shields allowing friendly Trollkin models the ability to dig in avoiding enemy fire. Their Veteren Pyg Aces quickly adapted their ranged attacks to allow them to provide devastating covering fire in the path of any enemy model's approaching and can concentrate their fire into Small Powerful Blasts. While the Smasher pounds enemy warjacks with it's shields the Aces continue to fire deep into enemy lines from the relative safety of a Dire Troll's Back... who'd have thought riding a Dire Troll would be the safest place to be in a battle?

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