13 August 2012

Playing to Our Strengths: Trolls at Low Points Part 4 Solos and Minions

This weeks installment will be the final chapter in our epic journey of me telling you my opinion.  Really though we have gone over all the other stuff in faction beside solos and minions so that's where we are at now.  So starting off with our fantastic solos, we take a trip down memory lane as I don't have my book on me!


Fell Caller Hero -
This is the lynch pin of Troll synergy.  I think there is no more important piece in our army.  It does so much for 3 points that it's almost an auto include.  The only time you don't want him is when you are running beast heavy and you have already included him.  You'll definitely start wanting/seeing him in list of 25pts of greater, but almost never in 15pt lists.

Horthol, Long Rider Hero -
The definition of Bad Ass has his picture in the entry.  Horthol is awesome, but he's 5pts of beat stick that you likely won't see unless you are bringing Long Riders which you likely won't be doing below 35pts.  He's good, but not good enough to be brought alone in smaller point games.

Janissa Stonetide -
I asked her out once but she said my chin wasn't large enough.  But in all seriousness she and the Fell Caller are probably sneaking around behind my back.  So, really though, she's one of the best solos in the game for obvious reasons.  Bring her whenever you can fit the points.  The utility she bring to EVERY WARLOCK is amazing.  I would say if it's not a MM/TC format even bring her at 15pts.

Stone Scribe Chronicler -
Pretty solid for 2 points and if you can fit him in great, if not, don't sweat it.  He provides some situational buffs that have good synergy with a few spells and abilities.  I almost never consider him over a pack of whelps or the slew of sweet minion solos that cost 2.  Take ti or leave it, it's not terrible but not great either in lower point games.

Troll Whelps! -
Whelps are awesome and even more awesome when you have beasts on the table.  So give it a 50/50.  Good in the beast heavy formats and not so much in the infantry side.  Bring them when you play eDoomy and the like.

Trollkin Champion Hero -
Yet another beast stick the helps out Champions, which you don't see often.  He's not bad at 3 pts but in smaller games I find the utility solos beast him out for a slot because he's very one dimensional.

Trollkin Skinner -
Ha..hahaha...hahahaha....  Ok, I'm done.  I don't think he's as terrible as the community says, but he's not that great either.  I wouldn't use him over our utility solos ever.


This section is going to be quite long so go get yourself a beer and some popcorn or something because we can take like every f'ing Minion model under the sun with quite a few options.  I think I will break it down list style so it can be a little more concise.

Units - 
I have a little bit of faction bias here because under nearly every circumstance I feel like in faction choices work better because of the way we buff our army.  So take what you read here as you will, but know there is a fair bit of experience behind it.

Worth it:
Bog Trog Ambushers - Pretty sweet, a little pricey but a decent way to take your opponent by surprise.
Farrow Bone Grinders - They have their place in a few lists like Calandra so there are a 50/50.
Farrow Slaughterhousers - Some Trolls have seen good use with them and I think they are ok at 35pts.
Gatormen Posse - Arguably better then Champs, a really decent option.  I like them at 35, but not below.
Boomhowlers - SWEET...in family reunion.  Not a fan otherwise. Too costly in lower point games.
Nyss - Best ranged unit in Trolls but pricey.  You could use them in 35pts or higher.
Swamp Gobbers - Pretty good for 1 point.  You'll see them when you don't have the points for Janissa

Not Worth it:
Dannon Blyth and Bull - Solid Meh, not worth their points IMO and there are better solo options for us.

Farrow Brigands - They aren't great.  They aren't even great in minion pacts.  Leave them home.
Farrow Razorback Crew - Artillery kind of suck.  So do these guys.

Solos - 
Worth it:
Alten Ashley - He's sweet for 2 point, plain and simple, brings the pain on beasts and hunts solos well.
Feralgeist - A good one point filler.  Contesting or controlling zones with a 1pt incorp model is solid.
Gatorman Withcdoctor - All signs point to good, but until I test him out, it's hard to say...
Saxon Orrick - Good solo hunter, nice pathfinder ability all for 2 points.
Totem Hunter - Great flanker, accurate, and has good damage.  Also stealth.

Not Worth it:
Croak Hunter - Really only great in pairs and at 4pts they start to edge themselves out of lists.

Gudrun - 3 points for a beast stick that is sort of hard to remove.  Not a fan.
Lanyssa Ryssyl - She seems like she's good, but she dies.  Also her anit-Legion abilities are a trap.
Thrullg - Kind of Meh when you don't have a good way to protect him.
Pendrake - He's pretty good on his own, but honestly we don't need help hitting beasts.

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  1. I used Farrow Slaughterhousers starting at 25pts in our Journeyman. They were quite good. Ignoring tough (which can be rough at low points...as we well know) and RFP on beasts can be great.