10 August 2012

RAGE HOWLER - Re-intro and 2 Tone Priming

I would like to start out with an apology to those who contribute to this blog and those who read the blog on a regular basis.  It has been far too long since I have contributed to Trollbloodscrum, and though life does tend to get in the way sometimes, I still feel bad for my lack of contributions and hope to make up for it in the future with semi-regular blog posts.

For those who don't know me, I am Skywise here and on the PP forums.  My original intro on Trollbloodscrum and be found here.  I still consider myself a Merc player, though I dabble a little in Legion, Cygnar, and Cryx, the Mercs are where my heart is.  Though I don't play Trolls (yet), I feel a kinship with the faction due to the amount of Trollblood Mercs that find there way into my lists.  Boomhowler makes it into about 75% of my Merc lists and Dannon & Bull show up more than is healthy.  I plan on contributing more on tactics, focusing mostly on Mercs and Legion (both for and against).

I also bring 20 years of miniature modeling and painting experience to the table.  Where I don't consider myself a pro or a competition painter,  I am very adept at putting nice, fully painted figures to the table top in a relatively short time.  I also tend to do a lot of basing, converting, and terrain making.  All of these will be sharing in future blog posts.  Anyways, enough babble, time to get along to an actual article: Two tone Priming!

Two Tone Priming

My latest painting/modeling tip is called to tone priming.  It is a highlighting technique using different shades of primer. For more tips on priming, I have an old post that can be found here. 

1 - Prime your figure using a darker color.  If you prefer to paint over black primer, then prime your figure black.  If you prefer to paint over white primer, then prime your figure a light or medium gray.  For Bosun Grogspar, I chose black:

2-  Spraying from a high, downward angle, use a lighter shade of primer to simulate natural lighting.  For black primer, use a dark or medium gray.  If you primed gray, use a light gray or white.  For Bosun Grogspar, I used a medium gray:

It is hard to see in the above picture, but there is still a good amount of black on the underside of the model. And now for a top view:

3- The two tone primed figure will help add some natural highlights to your figure.  One very important tip to remember when painting this figure is to thin down your paints.  If you fail to do this, the highlights from the two tone priming may not show through.

Next blog post I fill finish painting Bosun Grogspar to show off how priming this way effects the finished model.  Until next time.

Paint and model like you got a pair,

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