06 August 2012

We Want YOU...to be the next member of the Scrumcast

You heard me right, we are trying to expand our stable of Scrumcast Hosts.  And I want you to be the next member.  Below I have included an audio application.  We want potential members to send us auditions essentially to be the next member of our podcast.  Exceptional applications will be contacted for Skype calls and more screening before we make our Final choice.

*Requirements for application

 Your schedule MUST be fairly open. Scheduling is the number one issue we have atm, so be available.

MUST have a love and passion for all things Trolls, even the Skinner... OK maybe not the Skinner.

No overseas applications.  Sorry guys.  It's hard enough to wrangle Bakaryu into casts.

Must have stable internet connection and decent Microphone. Better quality is a plus.

Must also write consistent articles for The Scrum in addition to recording.

You must be entertaining to listen to.  Non negotiable...

So without further ado...

All applicants must send in a recording of their answers to the following questions.  Recordings should be no longer then 1 minute and you are encouraged to use all of the allotted time.  Please be as animated or crazy as you wish and try to avoid dead air.  All questions must be answered.

What are are your real and forum names?

Who is your favorite character from the Troll or Hordes Fluff?

If you had to play one warlock in our stable exclusively for one year, which one would it be?

What is your favorite color?

How much do you like Goris' beard?

If you had to have a Troll Warlock on your underwear, which would it be?

And finally why do you think we should make you our next member of the Scrumcast?

Please send all applications to Goris@Trollbloodscrum.com by August 20th 2012.

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