26 April 2010

Nightfall Review ~ Solos

Fel Caller Hero ~ He is an animal.  Who would have though all you had to do was increase his RAT a little and he would become a killing machine?  I like him on offense much more than I used to, but losing the ability to buff RAT & MAT still stings a little every time I use him.  Nightfall killing machine he should have been... spraying five sword knights in one attack = good.  Hitting one of them = Bad.  Not killing the one he hit = Insulting.  Redemption came in the form of a mostly dead unit of exemplars in another game but the lack of damage was already done.
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars
Least Favorite Band ~ Kriss Kross

Stone Scribe Chronicler ~ Gather round the fire young Trollkin warriors, I have a story for you...  For a couple of points being able to really mess with your opponents in golden and fantastic.  Not to mention he actually helps your guys dodge ranged attacks from time to time.  I like him... yup, yup I do.  Nightfall this guy made it so all the Bastions that killed my Champions fell over.  That means when the Scribes charged them with Blood Fury on Harby ran out of health for Martyrdom and took an axe to the face.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars
Favorite Nightfall Quote ~ "Tape an asprin to it boys, you'll be fine."

Trollkin Champion Hero ~ Lets face it, he kills stuff.  With the proper allocation of buffs he kills pretty much whatever he wants to kill.  Best moment in Nightfall was Retalitory Striking, Cygnar's Rian of the B13 to death.  (In case you didn't know, whenever I see her she must die die die die die die die die die)
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars
Number of Times Killed Rian in Nightfall ~ 4.25

Troll Whelps ~  In one game I lined up all ten of my non-deployed whelps on the edge of the board as cheerleaders.  None of them made it into the game, but the sight was demoralizing to the Pureblood that missed his charge on Mulg by 0.0000000000000000001"
Nightfall Rating 2 Stars
Nightfall job of choice ~ Whelp Ale Stirring... as opposed to Whelp Ale Ingredient.

Horthol, Long Rider Hero ~ With his Pink Sash from last year's Breast Cancer Brawl, to his decidedly sweet mace, Horthol and his boys helped me make two excellent showings in a couple King of the Hill games. Extra Dice Please Horthol~
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars
Nightfall Favored Dance Step ~ Boot Scootin' Boogie.

Well that's all she wrote folks. I have a sweet King of the Hill Battle Report I'm working on, but the game was so huge its taking fooooorrrrevvveerrr.

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