23 April 2010

Nightfall Review ~ Units

Kriel Warriors, Caber Tosser, Standard & Piper ~ The staple, the bread and butter, the left and right arm... these guys do thier job and do it well.  And what is their job you might ask?  Well, they run up and do their best not to die too fast.
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars
Nightfall tool of choice ~ The 'Log Puller' ~Lady & The Tramp

Kriel Stone Bearer & Stone Scribes, Stone Scribe Elder ~ Final night even put my brick on the stand.  A unit of Champs, Fel Caller x2, Hero x2, Impaler, Mauler and These guys.  Lets just say two full units of Bastions beat their collective heads on my ARM20 Champs to no avail.  Then when things got hairy, they got their hands dirty and killed three Bastions once harby ran out of Martyrs.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars
Nightfall Pose ~ Pick your favorite muscleman pose aaaannnnd... freeze.

Thumper Crew ~ Hero shot of the game in king of the hill.  Strangeways got a little too close and ate a shot to the face... it didn't hurt him at all.  However, the Squire behind him broke his fall nicely ending up in about 100 pieces.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars
Nightfall Directive ~ Hail Madrak.

Trollkin Champions ~ What can you say about Champions, they don't die fast, they kill things fast, and with the proper application of buffs they make anybody's day a nightmare.
Nightfall Rating 5 Stars
Nightfall Champion Gift Exchange ~ "Hey we all got each other a Timex".

Trollkin Fenn... err Fell Blades ~ yup the Nightfall incarnation of this unit makes me cry and wish they were mine. Holy crap they are good.  Combined with eMadrak's feat these guys are wicked.  Run up and engage their front line... move eMadrak up and feat = Everything they can reach dies, including each other.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars
Nightfall SouthPark Reference ~ "Hey you killed Kenny... and Bob and Jim and Sol.

Long Riders ~ Won me some king of the hill with Borka thanks in large part to these guys.  Ran them to engage the Mercs to my right while the Fenns did the same with the Cryx to my left and neither of them could get to the hill fast enough to outscore unkillable borka.  Solid performance even if all they did was die horribly.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars
Nightfall AC/DC Song of Choice ~ Thunderstuck

Trollkin Runeshapers ~ Largely absent from Nightfall due to being on the painting desk.  I can't wait to use me some Tremor.
Nightfall Rating - Stars
Nightfall Inspirational Movie ~ Tremors

Scattergunners ~ If you read my posts on the forums you will quickly notice I love these guys, so this is heavily ladened with bias.  pDoomy and some Fortune made these guys Cryx infantry killing machines.
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars
Nightfall Accessory of Choice ~ Cuban cigars, because really, you can't go out in a blaze of glory without one of these babies.

Pyg Burrowers ~ Sevwall got them nerfed and then showed us all how good they still are... he will probably get them nerfed again but hey, smoke em while you got em.  These guys scored one caster kill for me during Nightfall... notch Xerxis name on the Slug Gun baby.
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars
Nightfall Covienience Store Item ~ AA batteries and headlamps.

Pyg Bushwackers ~ The Rhinodon that met these guys head on learned quickly that a RAT14 POW 20 shot hurts bad.  Taking one each turn because you cant catch them demoralizes.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars
Nightfall Hunting Lodge Trophy ~ Rhinodon Head.

Nyss Hunters ~ I've been running mine along side Bushwackers now for a few games to great effect.  One full round of LOTS of shooting, followed by another of a little shooting and then getting charged by Nyss.  Effective and simple... but expensive at the same cost as Champions.
Nightfall Rating 5 Stars
Nightfall Bias ~ Prissy Stinking Elves... at least they aren't too stuck up to work for Trolls.

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