22 April 2010

Nightfall Review ~ Warbeasts

Pyre Troll ~ Played a single game with this guy.  I think because I'm still reeling from when he got nerfed... yeah he is awesome again but I need to work him back in.
Nightfall Rating 2 Stars.
Nightfall Question ~ Are we there yet?

Slag Troll ~ Probably the reason why the Pyre Troll hasn't seen more action.  That and there are lots lots lots more Warmachine players in my lgs than there are Hordes.  That means we needs our jack killer.  For the record, my Slag Troll has been tearing it up in Nightfall.. though he does lack a little bit of punch... most our light beasts with two open fists do.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars.
Nightfall Medical Condition ~ Mild Siderosis, with some outbreaks.

Troll Axer ~  I have been purposefully leaving my Axers at home during most of Nightfall for the singular reason that I wanted to make more room for other beasts that see less playtime, specifically the Slag Troll.  In the few games I have played him, he get the job done. 
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars.
Nightfall Dance Style ~ North Glimmerwood Breakdancing.

Troll Bouncer ~  He stands near his army leader like a statue.  Covered in metal from head to toe he looks like some sort of battle-weathered statue.  That is until the Skorne assassin took aim with his crossbow at his leader.  With reflexes belieing such a heavily armored Troll the bolt stuck fast into the shield of the Bouncer.  The Assassin turned at the new threat and stabbed wildly at him connecting between armor plates.  The Bouncer barely flinched throwing the assassin back a few by the force of his will when the blade tore his flesh.  The assassin started to recover and begin his retreat... the last thing he saw was the studded ball veering towards his face.
Nightfall Rating 5 Stars.
Nightfall Diety of Choice ~ Nergal.

Troll Impaler ~ Whats not to like, board control, great animus, awesome crit.  Well there is his typically Trollish low MAT/RAT.  But what are we to do about it?  For me, my Nightfall dice have been rediculously poor to the point where nothing is ever hit by anything when it comes to the Impaler.
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars.
Nightfall fan of Wrestler ~ Undertaker.

Winter Troll ~ Mine Hibernates constantly.  So much so that he rarely gets to play ever.
Nightfall Rating 2 Stars
Nightfall Song ~ Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul.

Dire Troll Blitzer ~ Lumbing up the battlefield the machine gun mounted to his back peppering away at the little humans.  Stuffing a few of the stragglers into his mouth, he turns and faces a new threat.  Almost drooling the Feral Warpwolf can barely wait to tear the Ugly Troll apart.  Taking shot after shot into its face the Warpwolf become disoriented.  When he refocuses on thd Dire Troll it is too late.  The Blitzers fist closes fast around the Warpwolf's Face squeezing while the other fist pounds at its midsection.  All the while the machine gun continues to fire into the other side of the Wolf.
Nightfall Rating 3 Stars
Nightfall Comfort Food ~ Khadorian Toes.

Dire Troll Mauler ~ My Mauler sits back raging whatever he can most of the game until the point it becomes necessary to join the battle.  Since my mauler is a female, she is picky about when and where she joins the battle.  But once she mixes it up, its game over.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars
Nightfall Hero Shot ~ Chain Attack Throwing Xerxis out of the killbox and watching him get surrounded by Fell Blades for the loss.

Earthborn Dire Troll ~ This guy is fastly becoming my favorite Beast in all of Trolls.  Deceptively fast, deceptively hard hitting and a fantastic animus to boot.  He keeps getting underestimated by my enemies and routinely kills them for it.
Nightfall Rating 5 Stars
Nightfall Holiday ~ Earthborn Day... err Earth Day I mean. 

Mulg The Ancient ~ Come and get my caster... I dare you.  This guy is a killing machine most of the time... unless you're playing Cryx and get -2 STR.  Then for some reason he rolls all 1's and 2's for damage.  Other than that though, this guy being on the table means you have to deal with him first before you even think about taking out my caster.  Only problem is, 12pts is a big investment to sit back by your caster doing nothing.
Nightfall Rating 4 Stars
Nightfall Definition ~ vo·ra·cious (vô-rshs, v-) adj. Consuming or eager to consume great amounts of food.

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